SPFx – How to create a custom WebPart Property for a selectable link

I am very new to creating web parts and property panels in spfx. I have gone through hello world, all the MS documentation, but the thing that is missing is the ability to link/upload to a file/folder in SharePoint Online.

Hero Panel (image)

For example, the Hero Property Panel (above) contains a property to show the currently selected link and has a change button which takes you to another panel which then shows you Options:


I am attempting find that control and use it. However I only see the link control, which seems to allow you to set a link on the property panel, not choose a link to show in the web part.

My goal is to create a web part that contains a header and an image aligned horizontally. This seems super trivial but without that connection (and the dummy proofing it would provide), it’s going to be recreating the wheel which seems like overkill.

Thanks in advance.