sql – Error on converting data type nvarchar to numeric

So i have this table in MS SQL:

create table MobileUnit(
IDMobileUnit int identity  primary key,
Type numeric null,
Length numeric null,
Width numeric null,
Height numeric null

My task is to insert xml data into this table, and i have done this:

            <Type  />
            <Length  />
            <Width  />
            <Height  />
    INSERT INTO MobileUnit(Type,Length,Width,Height)
        Type=c.value('Type(1)','numeric(18,0)') ,
        Length=c.value('Length(1)','numeric(18,0)') ,
        Width=c.value('Width(1)','numeric(18,0)') ,

    FROM @xml.nodes('/NIACList/NIAC/CommercialUnit/MobileUnit') MobileUnit(c)

The problem is, that i gain such error on executing the query:Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric.

Any ideas to solve this problem?