sql – Postgresql says column doesnt exist for any column

I have created a table using following query

CREATE TABLE public.pg_subscription (
id uuid DEFAULT public.uuid_generate_v4() NOT NULL,
user_id uuid NOT NULL,
pg_subscription_plan_id uuid,
count integer DEFAULT 1 NOT NULL,
authentication_url text,
rp_id text,
status public.pg_subscription_type DEFAULT 'created'::public.pg_subscription_type,
created_timestamp timestamp with time zone,
next_billing_date timestamp with time zone


I used this query to create this table using PgAdmin 4 and any insert query results into “column not exists” error. Any column I use as a first in the list of columns it will give the same error , so this is not specific to a column.

Not able to understand why this happening, any pointers are appreciated .