SQL Server 2014 – pending recovery issues

One of my databases has been in a pending problem since yesterday. I try to solve the problem, but I can not. Please help me

tried that

Exec sp_resetstatus database;
Change database Change the emergency
DBCC CheckDB (database)
Change database Change the setting Single_user with immediate rollback
dbcc checkDB (database, repair_allow_data_loss)
Change database set multi_user

but I get this error

The suspicious flag in the database "DATABASE" is already reset.
Message 5061, Level 16, Status 1, Line 2

ALTER DATABASE failed because the database & # 39; DATABASE & # 39; could not be locked. Try again later.
Message 5069, Level 16, Status 1, Line 2
ALTER DATABASE statement failed.
Message 945, Level 14, Status 2, Line 3
Database & # 39; DATABASE & # 39; can not be opened because files can not be accessed or there is not enough space or space available. For more information, see the SQL Server error log.

Please help me guys