sql server 2014 – Problem with IF / BEGIN / ELSE

I’m trying to run a select IF theres something inside a folder:

   INSERT INTO #tb (SubDirectory, Depth, (File))
   EXEC master..xp_dirtree 'C:folder', 10, 1

This will populate a table with the name of the file ( if theres one inside the folder)

then, if there’s an excel file there ( or not) I will run this query:

IF (SELECT COUNT(1) FROM  #listavarejo) > 0 
        SELECT *  FROM OPENROWSET('Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.15.0','Excel.0;Database=C:folderexcelfile.xlsx', (Planilha1$))

The problem is, when I try to run this:

IF (SELECT COUNT(1) FROM  #listavarejo) > 0 
        RAISERROR('there are file inside the folder.',16,10);
        RAISERROR('theres no files inside the folder.',16,10);

it works perfectly. if theres a file inside the folder, the error “theres is a file inside the folder”, if theres no files, I can receive the error message after else.

but with the select * from openrowset, even with a file inside the folder or not, the query try to runs the select, and obviously I receive the error that the openrowset couldnt find the file.

even using BEGIN/END I cant fix this.