sql server 2019 – SQLCMD Using Powershell Gives No Response

I have SQL Server 2019 Standard installed on my Server 2019. I also have installed the SQL CMD Line tools V21.1.18246. When I open my PowerShell in Administrator mode and do a sqlcmd -? the command completes without a error but doesn’t show anything. I have reinstalled the CMD LINE Tools and repaired the SQL Server install and I still can’t get anything from sqlcmd. I have nothing in my logs saying there is a failure.

Access to the module location is specified in the Environment Variables on the server. I have also installed Microsoft Command Line Utilities 15 for SQL Server for the server. Also I have run the Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name sqlserver command and it shows the SQL CMD Line tools module installed in 4 locations. All of those locations are in the environments variables.

So why does sqlcmd -? return nothing?