sql server – Can you switch recovery mode to simple from full in an Always ON cluster setup?

I need help understanding my options.

  • SQL server cluster setup that is maintained by a DBA.
  • System is NOT in production yet (not handed over to the customer).
  • Initial high volume push of data that has NO breaks for days
  • I can stop and start the push of data and change the database at any
    point. Basically I can stop all input.

I recommend to our DBA that we switch to simple mode because we are seeing within the activity monitor a pile up of queries in a wait state which eventually causes errors for the application servers.

I’ve never had this problem before and in a process of elimination I see we are in FULL recovery mode instead of SIMPLE.

I asked for us to switch to SIMPLE from FULL and this is the reply I get. Is there another option perhaps that the DBA isn’t aware of?

How can I help?

“We cannot switch to simple using AlwaysOn in SQL.”

Can I turn off AlwaysOn for the initial loading phase or am I out of luck?