sql server – i got 4 subID and 1 ID how can i look if there are same or not?

i actually dont know how to ask this question but i’ll try my best

This is my query for recipe_ID=2040 and Order_ID=2063

                    Stock.Ingredient_Name AS (Malzeme Adı),  
                    SUM(Ingredients.Recipe_Ingredient_Gr) AS (Toplam Gram),
                    SUM(Ingredients.Recipe_Ingredient_Piece) AS (Toplam Adet),
                    SUM(Orders.Range_Piece * Stock.Unit_Price * Ingredients.Recipe_Ingredient_Gr) AS (Toplam Fiyat (gr)),
                    SUM(Orders.Range_Piece * Stock.Unit_Price * Ingredients.Recipe_Ingredient_Piece) AS (Toplam Fiyat (adet))
                    FROM Orders 
                    INNER JOIN  Dates ON Orders.Order_ID = Dates.Order_ID 
                    INNER JOIN Recipes ON 2040 = Recipes.Recipes_ID INNER JOIN Ingredients ON Recipes.Recipes_ID = Ingredients.Recipe_ID 
                    INNER JOIN Stock ON Ingredients.Stock_ID = Stock.ID 
                    WHERE(Orders.Order_ID = 2063) 
                    GROUP BY Orders.Order_ID, Stock.ID, Stock.Ingredient_Name

This is the result.

Order_ID    ID  Malzeme Adı Toplam Gram Toplam Adet Toplam Fiyat (gr)   Toplam Fiyat (adet)
2063    1102    Domates 0   150 0   0,9
2063    1103    Dere Otu    150 0   0,45    0

but in order_ID 2063 i dont have just 1 ID infact i have up to 4 recipe_ID (which can be null)

i need to improve this query so it can look these 4 recipe_ID like ID1,ID2,ID3,ID4 from the dates table if they null skip it if they not look for their recipe ıd and put that in result