sql server – Strategy for transaction log backup

I am trying to come up with solution for restoring database with one full backup file and then with hourly transaction logs that are going to be created each hour thru FTP site.

So, here is a scenario.

I connect to data provider’s FTP site, and get a full backup file first and restore database with 24 transaction logs on a daily basis. So, I will do a nightly run (around 12 am) to update all transaction logs from pervious day’s data.

I learned that there is an option called “Standby” option, so I tried full back up with “Standby”, but it appears that I cannot do this because database needs to be upgraded. (Are we referring to database of data provider?)

I got this error when I tried Restore Full backup with “Standby” mode.
enter image description here

So, I am coming back to the way of restoring database using “NoRecovery” for Full backup and then for all other transaction log files (because with “Recovery” mode, I cannot restore additional ones later, correct?).

But, I need to access database to read data on a regular basis and to query the data.

What should I do?