sql – Table design question – DynamoDB the right choice?

Our team has started to use AWS and one of our projects will require storing approval statuses of various recommendations in a table.

There are various things that identify a single recommendation, let’s say they’re : State, ApplicationDate, LocationID, and Phase. And then a bunch of attributes corresponding to the recommendation (title, volume, etc. etc.)

The use case will often require grabbing all entries for a given State and ApplicationDate (and then we will look at all the LocationId and Phase items that correspond to it) for review from a UI. Items are added to the table one at a time for a given Station, ApplicationDate, LocationId, Phase and updated frequently.

A dev with a little more AWS experience mentioned we should probably use State+ApplicationDate as the partition key, and LocationId+Phase as the sort key. These two pieces combined would make the primary key. I generally understand this, but how does that work if we start getting multiple recommendations for the same primary key? I figure we either are ok with just overwriting what was previously there, OR we have to add some other attribute so we can write a recommendation + the recommendation status for the State+ApplicationDate/LocationId+Phase multiple times and get all previous values if we need to… but that would require adding something to the primary key right? Would that be like adding some kind of unique value to the sort key?

Does this sound like a reasonable approach or should I be exploring a different NAWS offering for storing this data?