ssd – How do I clone an installation of Windows 10 from macOS?

I have an external SSD which has a working copy of Windows 10 on it. I would like to transfer this copy of Windows 10 onto a different SSD. However, I do not currently have access to a Windows computer.

How would I clone this installation of Windows onto the new SSD? I already have Paragon NTFS installed, which allows me to write to NTFS drives. What should my next step be?

  1. I could drag and drop everything from the Finder into the new SSD. However, this might not copy over some hidden files and might not be a good option.

  2. I could drag and drop after revealing hidden files, but that might also cause issues (?)

  3. I could use rcopy to make sure everything gets copied over (including hidden files), although I don’t see any difference between this and option 2.

Note: This question is not necessarily related to BootCamp—I would like to know the same for M1 Macs as well, which do not have BootCamp.