ssh – How can I create an upload-only SFTP Server on Windows?

I need to create an upload-only SFTP Server on Windows.
I have installed OpenSSH SFTP Server according to, but I can set the folder permissions in a way that would allow the user to list folders, but not read data.

It was very easy to do for FTPS using Filezilla Server – you can set the permissions in Filezilla:
Filezilla Server folder permissions

From some other posts on ServerFault I saw that it’s possible to blacklist requests, so I thought that blacklisting the “read” request could help. But I can’t find the way to do this on Windows.
I’ve tried specifying the “-P read” parameter for the SSHD service:
SSHD startup parameters
but it didn’t work as expected.

Is there any way for me to create an upload-only SFTP using OpenSSH in Windows?
Or maybe there is another software that offers Filezilla-like permissions? Hopefully a free/cheap one :]