ssl certificate – Connecting multiple domains to Godaddy SSL

I currently have the following SSL certificate: Deluxe (OV) SAN SSL (up to 5)

I already connected a domain to it, and i’m looking for to adding another one to it, i had my concerns of what will happen to the old certificate issued to the first domain, will it be revoked?

So I reached out to Godaddy’s support 2 times, and each one of them told me the opposite, one said that my other domains will remain intact, another one said that I’ll have to re-issue all my existing certificates. So which one is it?

enter image description here

So for those who are sure, or have done this before, If i add a second domain name to my SSL certificate, what will happen to the first issued certificate of my first domain name?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance