Starting a Dating Site to Make Money Online? | Proxies-free

What is the best dating software/script?

I can recommend a few: Dating Site Builder, SkaDate, ASP Net Dating, VLD Personals and iCupid. All of this are paid software but some offer a more affordable price than the others. Just check them out and see, good luck!

Do you have experience with dating sites?

I have never created a dating website simply because it’s not my forte and passion. I have tried a few dating sites before but never really got the courage to continue on with the dates, lol.

Is not going to work because of Facebook?

I think SkaDate and ASP Net Dating both offer the possibility of linking social media sites like Facebook to your dating site.

Which are the best ways to monetize a dating site?

You can have Banner and Google Ad Sense ads. You can also get ads from other companies or sponsors.

Should I go for the adult dating site or not?

It depends upon you. You can get more customers since you’re going to touch a more diverse market if you decide to do so.

Is Adsense ads allowed on dating sites?


Good luck!