Stay Away From Alpharacks Webhosting Talk

Your support and service are terrible

I paid $ 223.65 for a year on March 25, 2014 for a Windows VPS

Their service is terrible, they say that their VPS is up and running at least 98% of the time, but their VPS has failed so often, they've wasted so much time, the server crashed too many times at least seven times. the worst service ever
The same day I got the VPS, it had problems, and Windows RDC could not connect it, and the same problem kept coming up, so bad is their service.

I have more than 10 months in my service, I wrote them 2 times to cancel and refund the remaining 10 months. I emailed Josh and opened a ticket (Billin-Dept), but they never answered.

Sometimes I wondered if these guys are cheaters, not anymore, I've read enough posts like these to know they're cheaters:…s-com-big-scam

There are many negative topics about Alpha Racks on the web if you do not want to be cheated:…875/beschwerden…IoBDAAegQIAxAM