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Stocker Investment Platform

About Stocker Investment Platform
Stocker Investment Platform is a product of Stocker Project Services LTD, officially registered in the United Kingdom. Company #09838514.

How to invest and make a profit
To start investing in Stocker, you need to top up your account balance with the amount you intend to invest.

1. Buy Stocker Coin cheaper, sell more.
The constantly increasing exchange rate makes investments not only easier, but also more efficient!
To make a profit, you need to purchase Stocker Coin from the Order Book. It is the constantly growing (due to the growing demand for a limited number of coins) rate that allows our investors to receive a stable income.

2. Important information you need to know about Stocker Coin:
The number of coins is limited – no more than 10 million coins can be issued.
New coins are issued by the Administration in 5% increments from the starting price.
On one level of the Order Book, you can link up to 100,000 coins.
Stocker Coin is only growing, with a rate step of 1%, the yield is determined by the current demand for the coin.

3. Selling Stocker Coin is as easy as buying.
Select an available level in the Order Book and put your coins on it. When the course reaches it, they will be bought by other participants, and the funds will be credited to your account balance.
We only charge one fee – for withdrawals. By default, it is 10%, but it can be reduced by 8% – only up to 2%. Commissions of payment systems when sending payments to investors are paid by the platform.

Payouts: manual payments (up to 1 business day),
Instant possible (for Gold Partner status)
Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, TRON

Referral program
1. You will receive 5% of direct investments of your partners of the 1st level, they will be automatically credited to your balance after the partner makes a new deposit.

2. In addition, you will receive percentages of your structure’s trading turnover at three levels: 0.3% of level 1 turnover, 0.2% of level 2 turnover and 0.1% of level 3 turnover. … This type of affiliate reward is credited once a week on the day of your registration.

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