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StreamBtc –

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Our team consists of only qualified people who have been involved with the financial industry for years and who are also enthusiastic about the young but very strong cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. They constantly monitor the market to give you – our investors – even higher profits.

Investment plans:

0.35-3% per hour forever; 2.65-4% per hour for 42 hours; 3.3-6% per hour for 32 hours; 8-10% per hour for 16 hours; 25% per hour for 8 hours; 40-65% daily for 3 days

Minimum expenditures: 1 $

Retreat: Immediate

reference: 4% -0.5% -0.5%

Accept: Perfect money; BitCoin; Payeer; Litecoin; Ether; BitCoin Cash; Dog coin; stroke