string manipulation – Inverse Dictionary Lookup

Example: Using WordDefinition:

{"conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods", "marked by 
quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed"}

Let’s say this appears in a crossword puzzle and I want to execute an inverse dictionary lookup for it. My current strategy turns up many related and good words.

{"close", "closelipped", "closemouthed", "tightlipped", "cryptic", 
"cryptical", "deep", "inscrutable", "mystic", "mystical", 
"mystifying", "occult", "orphic", "secret", "concealed", "obscure", 
"out of sight", "secret"}

One way could be to execute WordDefinition and make key-value pairs for the entire dictionary and use that information to search for probable answers.

How can I perform an inverse lookup using a phrase or a word. Is there a built-in method for it? Any hints would be appreciated.


Use cases

  1. Crossword puzzles
  2. Alteration of articles
  3. Automated summaries
  4. Exclusion of selected words etc