Suggestion – Site Battles | Forum Promotion

I'm a little worried about the site battles.

They seem to be a complete waste of time and resources. I mean, I keep seeing the same forums fighting each other. Nothing new, nothing to post it worth.

I do not get it. What is it worth? The 10,000 credits you receive at the end of the year? Is it really worth it to spam the website battles day by day with the same forum and the same fights? Just to get a few votes from people who have seen your website a million times over?

I strongly recommend that local battles require a major overhaul. A time limit if you've entered a battle, battle after battle, or maybe a monthly mini-battle of the board instead of 100 site battles.

They seem pretty pointless, contain spam and have no value at all. Instead of giving you $ 10,000, give the winner $ 1000FP in a monthly battle where everyone signs up in a fight.

There may be a big fight every three months, with some tasks such as the best graphics, the best activity increase, etc., where registered forums have to act as a community to get the most votes and points from FP members. In this way, not only the registered forums get a better community, but also FP.

Do more to fight for it, and not just an FP $ increase, as I do not think that's worth it. Give away commercials, post packages, etc.

I'm sure that this way you can put more emphasis on website fights than the way they are currently running.