SVG is not rendered in PNG, but rendered in Chrome after zooming in / out

I'm trying to create a relatively simple background for an SVG image. I created an equivalent in GIMP by applying a radial gradient from the center to the edge and then applying the "spread" filter.

Version created in GIMP.

I have the following code that achieves a similar result, at least in Inkscape.






However, if I rasterize it into a PNG file or open it in Chrome (at 100% zoom), I only get the gradient without noise.

Enter image description here

however once againWhen I zoom in or out of Chrome, the filter is applied correctly.

Chrome's page-by-page comparison, rendering the image at 80% and 110%.

Is it possible that this file has a problem that only appears when the image is displayed in the size specified in the view box? Is there anything else I can not see?

I would have compared my PNG issue with the same issue this poster had, if not for the strange behavior I only notice when my browser is set to 100% zoom.

Many Thanks!