synchronization – Missing Transaction on older Bither wallet on older computer

Please note I am not that technically savvy nor know that much about cryptocurrency. I am helping out a friend that (for disability reasons) cannot ask himself.

My friend purchased and has bitcoin he stored in an older laptop from around 2008 (unsure). He created a newer Bither wallet on a “newer” laptop he purchased around 2018/2019. He wanted to transfer the Bitcoin from the older Bither Wallet to the new one to “prep” it with the intention to sell all of it as it has become too much technology-wise to keep up with.

We tried to transfer the Bitcoin from the old Bither wallet via the “Send” feature and used the code of numbers that was (I assume) the account number of the newer Bither wallet. On the old wallet, it has a white dot noting the transaction. On the new Bither wallet, there is no indication of any transaction. We though we would wait to see if anything would happen and it has been a few months now and we do not know where the Bitcoin is anymore.

The old Bither wallet is version 1.4.5. It is running on a Dell laptop with Windows 7 Professional.

I am not sure of the newer Bither account. We live a few hours apart and would have to confirm with him the details on his end (which might take some time to obtain. Again, apologies and I hope for some patience for anyone helping us with this).

Also, I do not know what should be kept confidential so please let mw know if there is something I should not disclose here or post (the account “numbers,” QR code etc.).

Thank you.

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