synchronization – Rsync only include files with specific string in name

I want to use rsync to backup databases from my webserver.

I created a cronjob on the webserver that creates a mysqldump of the database and names it with the current date in the beginning every night. Files older than 30 days will be deleted.

Now I want to backup only the databasefile of the current date to my NAS via a cronjob.

How can I only include that one file? Or vise versa, how can I exclude everything except that one file?

My code for rsync is the following:

rsync -avz -h -c --include="*$(date +%Y-%m-%d)*" -e "ssh -p $PORT" $USER@$SERVER:$SQL_SOURCE $SQL_TARGET --delete

The filename for today thats on the webserver would be 2021-06-30_databasename.sql
But also every other file like 2021-06-29_databasename.sql gets synced.