system installation – Ubuntu Server 20.04 – the installer was restarted because of an error

I’m trying to do a fresh installation of 20.04 server using ubuntu-20.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso but i keep getting a “sorry the installer was restarted because of an error”

sorry the installer was restarted because of an error

I saw there was an email yesterday about this:

Shortly after the release of Ubuntu 20.04.2, on Thursday February 4 2021,
a regression was discovered which means that on certain systems and under
certain specific conditions the Ubuntu installer can fail to install a Linux
kernel. This renders the system unable to boot.

After carefully analysing the impact of this regression, the release team took
the decision to reissue images of 20.04.2 with a corrected version of the
installer. These images are now available, versioned as Only the
Ubuntu flavours listed below are affected. If you have downloaded the 20.04.2
release of any of these flavours, we encourage you to re-download the updated

But the server image date is on the 4th vs the desktop image is from the 11th

iso image listing