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Features of Skype Monster Client. Program for multithreaded chats, sending requests and sending messages to the contact list.

– Multithreaded sending of requests with the text
– Automatic acceptance of incoming friend requests
– Send messages to new friends
– Two types of automatic answer: standard and commercial
– Multithreaded chat with contacts from the program
– Sending messages to the contact list
– Support for all types of accounts (login, email, phone)
– Support user agents

The program does not require installing Skype on your computer. At the same time, you can sign up for hundreds of different accounts. The Skype Monster Client monitors all accounts for new incoming requests to friends, accepts them, and automatically sends your message. The same process awaits the people who have approved your outbound requests. For customers who are seriously interested in your offer, you can chat from multiple accounts directly through the program, or send an automatic response when you're not there.
If you have your own Skype accounts database to submit, you can upload them to Skype Monster Client, provide different textual requirements to interest customers, and the program adds accounts in a multithreaded mode
If you have news about your service, website, affiliate program, work profile, etc., you can only send messages to current friends.

You can get a free test for 3 days
Each buyer receives the link to FAQ and instructions

main window

settings window

Example of working 2 Skype accounts = 2 threads (read first comment on Youtube)

Demonstration "Send messages to contact list"

Price: $ 15 forever, $ 5 a month
E-mail [email protected]
Skype live: kirill_1135
Telegram @ Java Developer92
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You can also buy the program here