Inequality – Is the statement correct? $ | z + 1 | ge | z | -1 for all z in Bbb {C} $

I tried to prove it in the following way:
$ || z | -1 | = || z | – | 1 || le | z-1 | forall z in Bbb {C} $ (by triangular inequality)
Can I write now? $ | z-1 | le | z + 1 | $ in the $ Bbb {C} $? If so, the proof is done.
But I can not understand it. I do not know if the statement is correct. Can someone solve it? Thanks for the help in advance.

c ++ – for 1 string. find the longest set of conditions

Write 1 string of 2 characters A and B.
Determine the number of characters of the longest substring so that the difference between the two characters does not exceed 1. (Sequential substring)
<= 1000000

gets (s);
T = (strlen (s) +1);
s[T]= & # 39; C & # 39 ;;
for (int i = 0; i <T; i ++)
if (s[i] ! = s[k])
Z[m]= i-k;
k = i;
D = m;
m ++;

1 probability to calculate two events in a row

Badly worded title, but I do not know what that probability question is.

I was asked a question:
If the probability of a dog barking one or more times in a given hour is 84%, what is the probability that a dog will bark in 30 minutes?

Since I was told that the first solution that I wanted to jump to was 42% wrong, I was shown the following steps:

The probability that the dog will not bark in a given hour is 1-84% = 16%.

If there is a chance that a dog will not bark over 2 units – two half hours for a total of one hour, then x * x = 16%.

Thus, the likelihood is that the bunker will NOT bark within 30 minutes $ sqrt {16%} $ = 40%. Therefore, the probability of the dog barking within 30 minutes is 1-40% = 60%.

Question 1: Is that correct?

Question 2: Instead of working with the inverse probability of 16%, can I safely apply the same logic with only 84% and get the same answer? So, if the probability that the dog barks once or several times in one hour is 84%, then this 84% ​​could also be represented as the probability that two 30-minute cases of a dog will bark at least once in each case. In this case:

p (dog barks in the first half hour AND dog barks in the second half hour) = 84%.

Thus, there is a chance that the dog barks in the first half hour $ sqrt {0.84} $ = 91.65%.

91.65% is not equal to 60%, which I reached on the route with negative probability. I expected both numbers to match.

How do you calculate the likelihood that a dog will bark for over 30 minutes when we know that the probability of the dog barking over an hour is 84%?

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Algebra precalculus – Complex number: $ frac {(3 + i) ^ 2} {(1 + 2i) ^ 2} $ – can not access the textbook solution

I have a complex quotient $ frac {(3 + i) ^ 2} {(1 + 2i) ^ 2} $

The solution in my textbook is $ -2i $, I came to different solutions and would like to know where I went wrong.

So far I've been working with the complex number i in my textbook chapter ($ sqrt {-1} $).

I understand that one can not divide by a complex number in the denominator, so I have to multiply both the numerator and the denominator with the complex conjugate.

However, I am confused in this exercise because my expression is nested in parentheses and is square. For example, if my denominator was straight $ 1 + 2i $ I know that would be the complex conjugate $ 1-2i $,

So I'm confused about what to do because the whole denominator is in parentheses and square.

Only with what I know did I try to solve the square in numerator and denominator:

$ (3 + i) ^ 2 $ = $ 3 ^ 2 + i ^ 2 $ = $ 9-1 $ = $ 8 $

For the denominator:
$ (1 + 2i) ^ 2 $ = $ 1 ^ 2 + 2 ^ 2i ^ 2 $ = $ 1 + 4 * -1 $ = $ 1-4 $ = $ -3 $

Then I would arrive $ frac {8} {- 3} $ That's not the solution.

How do I arrive? $ -2i $?

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This could be changed so that the NouvPub redirect site is redirected to another website.

Then there is the brand Infinicladads (ICA) of the software. Each time you install the software, an action button is also created that tells the user that they can remove the adware by clicking the button. When a user clicks on this button, he leads them to a fixed Google search with "infinicladads" in the search box. We then have a landing site before the landing, which is at the top of the search ranks and shows how the software can be removed. This pre-lander is associated with ICA removal software that completely erases NouvPub's advertising software and stops advertising to the user. This ICA removal software costs $ 45 for the user.

Because of this, there are two different merit methods for the entire setup. Currently, however, only the ICA removal method is used. As advertising part only own offers were advertised. But read on to learn more about what's possible with the ad, which was the idea behind the software.

Software Advertising / Distribution Method: Previously, the software was distributed over a PPI network ("Pay Per Install"). What they do is bundle software with other enterprise software. So if people download and install the other programs, the NouvPub software will be downloaded together with a checkbox not cleared. This distribution method has been around for a long time, an example most likely to be familiar to most people is the installation of antivirus software alongside Adobe software. This is the same concept, but on a slightly smaller scale, which of course can be increased if necessary.

The purpose is to promote people and get people to buy the removal software. However, it is quite possible to remove the software without purchasing the removal software. However, for those who can not figure out how to do it, they usually get the removal software.

How it makes money:

There are two aspects of income, there is the above-mentioned current profit method and potential yield method.

Current earning method:
Whenever the NouvPub software is installed on a user PC, there is an action button. This button can be clicked by the user and leads them to a link in a new browser that has a site with information about the NouvPub removal software. This explanation page then links to the website where the NouvPub removal software can be purchased. The price for this NouvPub Remover is $ 45. Thus, the entire setup first generates revenue.

Possible earning method:
This has always been the purpose of the software but has never been implemented and used only for its own product / offer promotion. Because the software is designed to display a browser at any time, it can then promote other companies' offerings instead of being a separate product. This makes it possible to earn even more money and earn money from users, even if they do not buy removal software.

Regarding traffic for this potential earning method, look at the statcounter pictures in the appendices to see the current traffic flow.
With only 3633 installations, it was possible to reach 950,000 website views with 56,000 user sessions. So let's say you offer ads priced at $ 1-2 USD / CPM (thousand views). So it is possible to increase revenue quickly.

Current revenue:

So far, $ 98 has been spent on marketing, the type of marketing is pay per install (PPI). This is essentially the way we install the software on people's computers, as explained above. With $ 98, we successfully completed 3633 installations, as shown in the PPI installation statistics image in the appendices.

Of these 3633 installations, 25 people have retrofitted conversion software that costs $ 45 apiece. As a result, a total of $ 1,125 was earned, down from $ 98, for a total profit of $ 1,027.


– (domain with website source code) (This is the actual NouvPub site from which it is distributed)

– (domain with source code for the website) (here the user buys the removal software)

– (domain with source code for the website) (This is the pre-lander that advertises the removal software).

– (domain source code for the site) (This is one of the sites to which the NouvPub links redirect)

– (domain with source code for the website) (This is one of the websites to which the NouvPub forwards).

– (domain source code for the website) (This is one of the websites to which the NouvPub forwards).

– (domain source code for the website) (This is one of the sites to which the NouvPub links redirect)

– NouvPub (advertising) software (source code and everything) (The software is coded in Java)

– Software for removal (source code and everything) (The software is coded in Java)

– PPI advertising and potential expansion plan for other PPI networks.

– Setup support, all the help you need to set up after the transaction is completed.

Future potential:

As mentioned above, there is potential to use it for other people and their businesses. For example, a setup might be to charge a fixed amount to run a campaign for a specified period of time. Or it can also be created on a per-CPM basis, using a set CPM (cost per thousand views) to show someone else's ads.

This would greatly increase potential income as you could have thousands upon thousands of views every day for all types of campaigns.

Another future potential would be to significantly increase PPI advertising, which would lead to more people buying the relocation software and thus increasing profits.

Advertising expansion case:

To fully understand what would be possible if the advertising portion of the software were expanded for CPM-based and promotional purposes for other companies, here's a case. As mentioned, at $ 98 we've collected about 3,600 downloads, collecting 300-400,000 views each month. If you then advertise for other companies and charge a CPM of about $ 1, you would be earning $ 300- $ 400 on that advertising alone. Now suppose that you spent $ 1,000 on further installations, you would get about 36,000 successful installations. This means you would receive 3 million views per month instead of 300,000 views per month. This means you would be earning $ 3000 a month instead of $ 300. And this can continue depending on the amount invested. And of course this is without regard to the revenue you would receive from selling distance software at the same time.
Of course, this is just one case, but it is important to understand the magnitude of this software can be used if both the acquisition method of the removal software and the acquisition method of the advertising software used at the same time.

Reason for sale:

Everything was built while working on a larger project, and now the bigger project is starting. Therefore, the time for this project is limited.


Since the software is advertising, it can come to complaints. So far, however, there have only been two different users who have notified us, and this was just for the help to remove it. In this case, of course, they received free help.

Also important is the fact that the advertising market is constantly changing, especially in PPI advertising. We can not guarantee that the price per installation remains the same or that different networks charge different prices. Therefore, future revenue and profit margins may differ.

Image attachments for evidence and statistics:
PPI network installation statistics:
Stripe dashboard:
Payments 1:
Stripe Payments 2:
NouvPub redirection statistics:
Infinicladadsnews traffic statistics:
Distance statistics for financial traffic:
Dailyphotoo traffic statistics:
Dailycoool traffic statistics:
Dailyawwh traffic statistics:
Dailyarchi Traffic Statistics:

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Warning: is_readable () expects parameter 1 to be a valid path

I received this error message referring to this feature

protected function _checkSrcIsFile ($ src)
$ result = false;
if (is_string ($ src) && ist_readable ($ src) && is_file ($ src)) {
$ result = true;

Return $ result;

and the function is passed on here:

    $ srcIsFile = $ this -> _ checkSrcIsFile ($ src);
if ($ srcIsFile) {
$ src = realpath ($ src);
$ result = $ this-> cp ($ src, $ filename);
} else {
$ result = $ this-> filePutContent ($ filename, $ src);

if (! is_null ($ mode) && $ result! == false) {
$ this-> chmod ($ filename, $ mode);

Return $ result;

Can someone explain to me what causes this and what the solution is and how I can recreate it.

Many Thanks.