Windows 10 – File Properties -> location does not match the location in File Explorer

I have a folder on my PC where I am trying to update some files. I tried to save a Word document with a newer version, but Windows displays the error message "File can not be saved to this location". Thought this was an Office issue, but then I could not save any other files in that location.

I rummaged around to find out what the problem might be, and found under Properties a file with the file location "O0X6LJ ~ Z JZAM73 ~ R", which should contain "Old PC D drive job files".

Is this a corrupted file location?
Is this a sign of a drive failure?

I copied and pasted the contents of the documents into new documents and saved them in a new folder that now works. PPS up to 70% | 10% WEBMASTERS | 10% REF | Official Support Thread | WJunktion

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Windows 10 – winload.efi was not found, but can be started from the UEFI settings

I have just reinstalled Windows 10 1809 on my laptop and this message is displayed when I try to start my system. (I found the picture online, it's close enough)

The other settings on the screen did not work. "Recovery Mode", "Startup Settings" and "Try Again" have just returned to this page after a black flash.

However, if I try "ESC" to enter my BIOS settings and then "Save and Continue," Windows will start up easily. And I can check if I have the file, if I check in the Explorer and logged in afterwards.

The problem always occurs when I turn on my laptop. Does anyone know what could be done to fix this?

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Fstab NFS mounts fail because they start before the network is available in Debian Buster (10)

I recently upgraded Debian Stretch (9) to Debian Buster (10). Since then, my NFS deployments by fstab fail because they are started before the network is available, as noted in the boot log.

I tried with _netdev in the entry nfs but this has nothing. Of course, I can include the NFS file system sudo mount -a, Is there a way around this problem?

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