c ++ – read serial data from Arduino in Python every 100 ms

I'm trying to send data from an Arduino to Python via USB every 100 ms. What improvements can be made to my code? I feel like it's a bit bloated and can be written better, but I'm not sure what improvements should be made.


import serial

def _has_digits(string):
    return any(char.isdigit() for char in str(string))

class Arduino():
    def __init__(self, port, baud_rate, timeout):
        self.baud_rate = baud_rate
        self.timeout = timeout
        self.port = port
        self.serial = serial.Serial(port, baud_rate, timeout = timeout)

    def read_data(self):

        last_line_recieved = ""

            while True:
                serial_bytes = self.serial.readline()
                decoded_line = str(serial_bytes.decode('utf8'))

                # Read from buffer until we capture the whole line of data
                if (len(serial_bytes) != 0) and (b'n' in serial_bytes):

                    # Check if any digits exist in the string that overflowed from the previous line
                    if _has_digits(decoded_line):
                        overflowed_digits = ( char for char in decoded_line.split() if char.isdigit() )
                        string_digits = ("").join(overflowed_digits)
                        last_line_recieved += string_digits

                    # Store the data now that we have the entire line
                    data = last_line_recieved.split(",")
                    state_vector = {
                        'pendulum_angle': data(0),
                        'cart_position': data(1),
                        'pendulum_angular_velocity': data(2),

                        # Sometimes the carriage return "r" remains in the string, so get rid of it
                        'cart_velocity': (data(3) if 'r' not in data(3) else data(3).split('r')(0))

                    # Reset the variable
                    last_line_recieved = ""

                elif len(serial_bytes) != 0:
                    last_line_recieved += decoded_line


            except KeyboardInterrupt:
                print("You have quit the serial communication.")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    arduino = Arduino("/dev/cu.usbmodem14101", baud_rate = 9400, timeout = 0)



#include "motorControllerDrokL298.h"
#include "pythonUtils.h"

// Initialize encoders
#define cartEncoderPhaseA 3
#define cartEncoderPhaseB 4
#define pendulumEncoderPhaseA 2
#define pendulumEncoderPhaseB 5

Encoder cartEncoder(cartEncoderPhaseA, cartEncoderPhaseB);
Encoder pendulumEncoder(pendulumEncoderPhaseA, pendulumEncoderPhaseB);

// Initialize named constants
const unsigned long TIMEFRAME = 100; // milliseconds
const double ENCODER_PPR = 2400.0;

// Initialize variables
unsigned long previousMilliseconds = 0;
float previousCartPosition = 0;
float previousPendulumAngle = 0;

void setup()

  // Motor controller
  pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ENA, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  unsigned long currentMilliseconds = millis();
  long cartEncoderCount = cartEncoder.read();
  long pendulumEncoderCount = pendulumEncoder.read();

  // Send values to python every n milliseconds
  if ( (currentMilliseconds - previousMilliseconds) > TIMEFRAME ) {

    // Compute the state
    stateVector state;
    state.pendulumAngle = encoderCountToAngleRadians(pendulumEncoderCount, ENCODER_PPR);              // radians
    state.cartPosition = encoderCountToCartPositionInches(cartEncoderCount, ENCODER_PPR);             // in
    state.pendulumAngularVelocity = (state.pendulumAngle - previousPendulumAngle)/(TIMEFRAME/1000.0); // radians/s
    state.cartVelocity = (state.cartPosition - previousCartPosition)/(TIMEFRAME/1000.0);              // in/s


    // Store the current data for computation in the next loop
    previousMilliseconds = millis();
    previousPendulumAngle = state.pendulumAngle;
    previousCartPosition = state.cartPosition;





struct stateVector
    double pendulumAngle;
    double cartPosition;
    double pendulumAngularVelocity = 6.0;
    double cartVelocity = 5.0;

float encoderCountToAngleDegrees(long encoderCount);
float encoderCountToCartPositionInches(long cartEncoderCount, double encoderPPR);
void sendStateVectorToPython(stateVector state);

float encoderCountToAngleRadians(long encoderCount, double encoderPPR)
    return (encoderCount / encoderPPR) * (2.0 * PI);

float encoderCountToCartPositionInches(long cartEncoderCount, double encoderPPR) {
    float idlerPulleyRadius = 0.189;                                            // inches
    float cartAngle = encoderCountToAngleRadians(cartEncoderCount, encoderPPR); // radians
    return idlerPulleyRadius * cartAngle;

void sendStateVectorToPython(stateVector state)


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