15 pictures. Clipping path, background. Remove for $ 20

15 Clipping path for pictures, background removal


I am high end photo retouching. I offer 10 normal clipping path for background removal or cut with $ 20.00.
No payment I accept. Without 100% satisfaction for the quality of the issue.
Only for my sincerity and responsibility, I offer my respectable customers regularly image editing service.

  • Clipping path
  • cut out
  • Remove background
  • image masking
  • Of course, drops, reflection shadows

With Free of Cost I give 1 image as a test, so you can quickly remove the quality of the clipping path for background and check high-quality clippings.

Feel free to contact if needed.

30 PBN backlinks with DA 40 or TF 20 + 500 Web 2.0 posts + 150 authorization profiles + Tier 2 + Tier 3 for $ 125

I will be creating a complete and varied SEO Site Ranking Campaign with three for 30 days
Types of backlinks. It's time to jump on Google rankings!

Step 1 – 30 Premium Private Blog Network

I select my authoritative PBN websites with High Trust Flow / Domain Authority.

PBNBacklinks with TF / CF 20+ or ​​DA / PA 40+ or ​​higher

100% Dofollow

Home-page backlinks

Unique IP for every PBN website

Step 2 – 500 Premium Web 2.0 Blogs

Web 2.0 backlinks from our accounts for old Web 2.0 blogs.

These backlinks are ideal for diversifying the anchor text

HighAuthority DA 90 ~ 30

Dofollow and Nofollow

Mixed AnchorText: Naked URL, Branding, Keywords + URLs and Keywords

Step 3 – 150 Premium High Authority Profiles

ProfileBacklinks from highly trusted websites.

High DomainAuthority with TF 50 ~ 15

No and Dofollow

The last step

I will create thousands of backlinks in Tier 2 and Tier 3 to reinforce the main backlinks!

And more

Accept any website language

Index: 7 ~ 30 days after delivery

At the beginning I just need

1 – URL (only 1)

2 – Short description

3 – 2 ~ 4words

We do not accept


If you have any questions, please ask 30 days before buying Google Ranking SEO Campaign.

Some common questions and answers for you.

1.How many backlinks?

Basic package: 30 PBN homepage backlinks + 500 backlinks from Web 2.0 posts + 150
Backlinks from Profiles websites. Standard pack: 45 PBN backlinks + 750
Web 2.0 posts + 225 profiles backlinks. Premium Pack have: 45 PBN backlinks +
750 Web 2.0 posts + 225 profiles backlinks.

2. Do you accept a website language?


3.How to accept many URL / Keywords?

Only 1 URL. Passwords: For best results, I recommend 2 ~ 4 keywords.

4. The backlinks have High DA / PA and CF / TF?

Yes! The PBN backlinks have DA / PA 40+ or ​​TF / CF 20+. The accounts of the Web 2.0 blog have DA
90 ~ 30. And the profiles websites have TF 50 ~ 15.

5.These backlinks are safe?

Yes! Mylinks are created in a safe way!

6. The PBN backlinks will come from the homepage?

Yes! You get PBN backlinks from homepage and post.

7.When the results are displayed?

It usually takes up to 30 days to fully see the results of the campaign

8.This gig helps the keywords with high competition?

Note that the distance from your website to the first page is directly related
the strength of the competition. High-competition keywords require more SEO
Work and more backlinks. This gig is very strong, but that is not guaranteed
Only 1 gig is enough for the first page for High.

9. Would you like examples?

Please contact me to send some examples.

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Motherboard – Pwr Supply Cable Anomaly 24 Pin vs 20 Pin

I have a funny scenario. An older computer wolfdale1333-D667. The included power supply had a 24-pin power connector. With a newer, but still old enermax liberty 620W power supply, a separate 20-pin plus is included, but in the same cable sheath has a four-pole deputy. If I put both in the 24-pin socket, nothing happens. If I remove the four-pole job bender and only use the 20-pin main plug, the computer turns on the light, beeps the fans, etc. ………

There are two more facts that may be relevant.
(1) I should state that a separate 12V connector is connected to the CPU slot. (the enermax offered two options (diff plug configs) and so it was easy to choose the right one (and the cable for these two states for the CPU).

(2) The enermax has a separate pCi-e power supply cable connected to the graphics card.

Can I just ignore the four pins for the MOBO 24-pin connection and leave the 20-pin connector in place ??????????????

oauth 2.0 – How to request Gmail information through Google's Gmail API

I'm developing a square 6 application. I use oauth2 tokens to reach the Google API endpoints. Currently I test with this test:


I think you'll get information about your Gmail account.

I'm not sure how that works. I'm sending an HTTP get request to the above URL. No parameters, no headers, no permission token. I get an empty object back: {}.

^ Is this the expected result? I was expecting an error, such as an unauthorized answer. I find that sending the query without parameters or authorization tokens does not produce useful results, but I'll try to test the case first without any parameters and without permission tokens. I'm just wondering what {} means. Is this the expected result?

Many Thanks.

20 Photoshop Background Removal Services for $ 20

Why choose me and work with me?

100% satisfaction and quick response from my side I have not used any shortcut tricks. I prefer only Pen ToolUnlimited revision / modification until you are not 101% satisfied.
Each and every picture selected manually.
Keep in mind that the $ 2 background work can only be performed on the background removal task Simple Background only. To the
Complex background removal we charge extra. Any Quary texts are available in the Inbox.

So hurry up and order

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Research 20 Profitable Product for Ebay Dropshipping for $ 5

I will research 20 profitable product to dropshipping it in your store on Ebay

I've been dropshipping on all ebay (US, UK, FR, CA) platforms for 2 years now

If you search for hot products in your store on eBay, I will give you the best products according to the desired number.

1 / Keep your time
2 / The source market of your choice (amazon, walmart; aliexpress, banggood ,,,,)
3 / The profit margin is more than £ 2 per product.
4 / Not found in the verified rights holder program
5/100% satisfaction guarantee!
6 / on time delivery
7 / quick answer

It will be my pleasure to work with you

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Develop native Android apps for $ 20

Do you need someone who develops an Android app? Then you are in the right place. I will create native Android apps for you.

I am an expert for the following:
Sound PlayCalculator AppsImage AppDatabase AppQuiz AppWeb AppMy task to fulfill:
Best Running AppAttractive Layout DesignBest FunctioningHigh QualityProvide app with full user requirement

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DStratus Web Hosting Services | Xeon 20c / 40t 20 TB bandwidth dedicated servers from $ 109.99

DStratusInnovative Web Services

All servers have a free / 29 IP block – 5 usable IP addresses and are self-managed.

Why choose us?
DStratus is proud to be a top competitor in all areas of the web hosting industry. From inexpensive, affordable servers to extremely high speeds and remarkably high uptime, you're in excellent hands. Unlike other providers, we put the customer's needs first, not the purse.

The DStratus team has been in the web hosting industry for over 15 years. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us all. So come and try why others are already switching to DStratus!


2x Intel Xeon E5-2660v1
2x 16-core vCPUs
32 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
480 GB SSD or 3 TB HDD
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 109.99 / month!
Order now

2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2x 20-core vCPUs
64 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
2x 480 GB SSD or 2x 3 TB HDD
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 139.99 / month!
Order now

2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2x 20-core vCPUs
64 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
2x 8TB HDD
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 159.99 / month!
Order now

2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2x 20-core vCPUs
128 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
1.6TB SSD or 10TB HDD
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 179.99 / month!
Order now

2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2x 20-core vCPUs
128 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
3 x 8 TB HDD
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 189.99 / month!
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2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2x 20-core vCPUs
256 GB RAM (up to 256 GB)
24×7 remote KVM / IPMI
/ 29 IP Block – 8 IPs (5 usable)
No setup fee
1 Gbps port with 20 TB transfer – $ 259.99 / month!
Order now

# Additional IP blocks: $ 1 / month. per IP.
# 32 -> 64GB RAM: $ 10 / month
# 32 -> 128GB of RAM: $ 30 / month
# 64 -> 128GB of RAM: $ 25 / month
# 64 -> 256 GB RAM: $ 70 / month
# 128 -> 256 GB RAM: 60 USD / month
# Add another 480GB Intel SSD: $ 15 / month.
# Add another 1.6 TB Intel SSDs: $ 35 / month.
# Add another 1.6 TB of Intel NVMe PCI-E SSDs: $ 45 / month.
# Add an additional 3 TB SATA hard drive: $ 15 / month.
# Add an additional 4TB SATA hard drive: $ 20 / month.
# Add an additional 6TB SATA hard drive: $ 30 / month.
# Add additional 8 TB SATA hard drive: 40 USD / month.
# Add an additional 10 TB SATA hard drive: $ 50 / month.
# Add Software RAID 1/5/10: One time fee of $ 10
# Add an internal 40 GbE port: $ 15 / month. + One-time fee of $ 100
# Add cPanel Control Panel: $ 35 / month.

Network and Datacenter:

DStratus uses a core network as a foundation and backbone for all services we offer. These include Shared Web Hosting, our VPS (Virtual Private Server) offerings and our dedicated servers. However, we also use a hybrid multi-cloud approach to both enhance our customer experience and provide a better mix of trusted products. We intend to build our infrastructure alongside a number of public IaaS offerings to ensure that we can rapidly innovate while improving our value proposition. You'll find that our entire range of products will become less expensive and more powerful over time than any single cloud provider.

Our core network is big, redundant, fast and grows even faster. We have about three times the total committed (available and available) capacity compared to our highest customer use. This allows our network to stay ahead of the pack without risking long deployment times for new capacity, while increasing customer demand. We intend to maintain this ratio over time and make adjustments according to the traffic analysis. With four different Tier 1 and Tier 2 transit providers in conjunction with our overcapacity, we can maintain full network performance if two providers fail at the same time.

Web 2.0 – SER Engines -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I am unsuccessful with SER motors

– Even with fresh emails, low threads (3 or 5), 2Captcha and good content, I can only get 11 platforms from 39 (mainly: Evernote, Hatenablog, Kinja, Pen.io, Postbit, Skyrock, Unblog.fr,
Webgarden Blog, Webgarden.at, Webgarden.cz, Wikidot)
NO Tumblr and WordPress at all!

My questions:

1. Have you had similar experiences with SER motors?
2. What can I do to improve the GSA-SER posting on Tumblr and WordPress? Is a private / dedicated PBN blog an option?
3. What are the Web 2.0 results with RankerX?
4. and the results on RankerX with Tumblr and private / dedicated PBN blogs from WordPress?
Thx Harry