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Strategy to Make Money Online in 2019 Turn $ 500 into $ 20,000 in a month

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Ethereum uptrend with solid fundamentals! Bitmex Telegram Group with more than 20,000 live traders! – Advertising, offers

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Although the Ethereum has been catching up slowly, it has finally made it and is now approaching a critical point.

Over the last ten days, Ethereum has finally broken through this resistance at $ 180 and climbed to a 2019 high of $ 270.

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Dear users,

The GGBTC Exchange will list the DSC on May 25, 2019. At this time, the deposit and trade services will be opened.

Deposit opening time: 25th May 2019

Trading opening time: 27th May 2019

To open trading pairs: DSC / USDT

Project introduction:

Source Chain is dedicated to developing the underlying technology. The L algorithm significantly improves the efficiency of the blockchain operation and implements directly programmable operations on the client side. At present, it has been applied to the system for tracking health products to realize the application of blockchain. At the same time, it is committed to the security of Blockchain to realize intelligent monitoring of the operating environment and to update client intelligence to create a rapid development path for the industry.

Innovation of the project:

1. The programmable blockchain's low-level technology enables the system to communicate with the standard development language, low learning costs and third-party open programming interface.

2. Application-ledger interface reserved in POW mode using multi-chain parallelism to provide the project ecosystem with a simple "blockchain application capability"

3. Private and public subapplications can be created including TOKEN, which enhances the simple development framework.

4. In the application market, the method of contracting will be used to set up the project library, and the commercialization of the project will be carried out through the funds and the financing mechanism of a third party

5. Multi-module upgrade mechanism, including authentication, intelligent network, and data store, which uses a distributed single-control upgrade mechanism to promote the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence

6. A new distribution network where all of the digital assets exist as "variables". After learning through artificial intelligence training, the value of data can be refined, used, managed, and flowed to create intelligent digital assets.

Official Website: http://www.chaindsc.com/

Download for wallet: www.chaindsc.com/kehuduan.rar

Block Explorer: view.chaindsc.com

Risk Considerations:
Trading in digital assets involves significant risks and may result in the loss of your invested capital. Please make a reasonable judgment about your investment ability and make prudent investment decisions.
GGBTC tries to validate all tokens before they are put on the market. Despite the best care, however, there are still risks associated with the investment. GGBTC is not liable for any investment gains or losses. We thank you for your support and understanding. GGBTC will continue to offer you better products and services!

Contact us:

Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official

Telegram English Group: https://t.me/ggbtcvipenglishgroup


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Bitcoin has risen massively in the last few weeks.

This is because Bakkt has been informed about the introduction of Bitcoin futures contracts.

It is being developed by Bakkt in collaboration with ICE Futures USA and ICE Clear USA.

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[WTS]High quality adult accommodation, from € 2.59 / month, Unique Features

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20,000 daily one-time visitors: Popular Adult Humor Website 9gag2.com

Here for sale is a popular adult site – 9GAG2.COM
It has an established audience that has established itself in 4 years and receives approx. 20,000 daily visitors with a monthly turnover of approx. 750 USD.
Please contact me for more information on the website, access to Google Analytics, promotional information, digital transfer information, etc.

Why are you selling this website?
Personal reasons (girlfriend does not want me running it). The site has good potential and ranked among the Top 40,000 Alexa Rankers between July 2018 and October 2018, with 40,000 Alexa ranking visitors. Since then, I have had to sit back and the current Alexa rank ranges from 60,000 to 70,000 with about 20,000 Unique visitors each day. I launched a promo in April 2019 to increase traffic for the sale, which I need to do as soon as possible. The website probably has a value of $ 18,000 to $ 19,000, but I can sell it for less.

How is it monetized?
Third party ads About 750 USD / month
2019-03-31 19_29_05-action center.jpg

Is this site coming with social media accounts?

How long does it take to run this site?
About 2-4 hours a week.

What are the challenges of running this site?
Main tasks: Moderation of comments, post-approval and posting.

Website traffic is stable, mostly from high-ranking countries with up to 20,000 daily visitors who will not receive paid promotions until April 2019. I launched a paid promo action on April 2019 as an experiment to increase traffic, add an update as soon as I have data). It's a great opportunity to own this asset, which can be used to increase the growth of other sites and / or to monetize with third-party ads.
9GAG2.COM offers fun adult content that is displayed in static image, GIF and video formats.
Visitors can create posts that are reviewed and published. Visitors may also comment on posts.

  • A few points:
    • Approximately 110,000 daily pageviews (Google Analytics reviewed)
    • Approximately 20,000 unique daily visitors! (Google Analytics confirmed)
    • Approximately Top 65,000 Alexa Analytics website
    • Established for over 4 years
    • High animal land transport

The posted content is branded and each video and image contains a website logo or URL that provides a long-term presence.

The location attracts high-ranking countries and is highly populated in Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The site generates direct revenue from third-party advertising and has also been used to drive traffic to other websites.
Third-party advertising captures most impressions from high-ranking regions.

The sale:
– You will receive the full 9GAG2.COM website with the domain valid on the day of purchase. The domain, database and supporting material transfer takes about 2 weeks.
– Additionally (if necessary), a 30-day support will be provided on the website, including reviewing and updating the site with new posts, managing users, and providing general support.
-The sale is handled by a trust service for the security of both parties.

20,000 real German visitors to your website for $ 10

  • 20,000 real German visitors to your website


What will you get?

You get direct and human visits / requests from Only in Germany on your website or blog without referrer about 30-45 days.

I will also provide you with a link to track traffic.

Delivery of your website access begins within three days. The
Traffic is geo-targeted, but not targeted to keywords.

These are real human website visitors, but I can not guarantee you
Conversion or action on your website. The position at Alexa is very
important criterion for search engine optimization. So you can use that
Service to improve SEO and Alexa Rank.

I can only accept legitimate websites,

Which websites are not accepted?

Abridged links, redirects, Youtube or other streaming sites, Ebay, Amazon,
Facebook, Twitter, app stores, porn, banner farms, illegal download,
Fraud, Fraud, Pyramid Schemes, Copyright Infringement, Java Applets,
forced installations, fake pages, rotation and other rogue websites

I will deliver yours ASSIGNMENT when delivery started (within 3 days)

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Make 20,000 SEO backlinks for Amazon Store for $ 5

  • Make 20,000 SEO backlinks for Amazon Store

Improve your website promotion with 10,000,00 SEO backlinks

If you are looking for an elegant, professional and eye-catching product Website Promotion Then you have chosen the writing service. I will be your website for
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What I need to create your website, Site pro.motion

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