SharePoint 2010-2013 Consolidate Weekly PowerPoint Slides

Our team creates their own weekly slides to review activities and add them to one powerpoint file in a shared drive.

Can this process be simplified in SharePoint so a user can upload their slide(s) in a library and they be automatically placed in the appropriate weekly slideshow together?
I make 2 slides, you make 3 slides, he makes 1 slide…. and they put themselves in one powerpoint file.

This may not be the best way to approach it but I have to consider a better method for this process I’ve no doubt happens in many offices.

Retrieve SharePoint 2010/2013 workflows in SharePoint 2013 using CSOM

I need to write CSOM Code to retrieve the SharePoint 2010/2013 workflows. I am able to get only 2013 workflows only. Below is the code:

WorkflowAssociationCollection workflowcollection = list.WorkflowAssociations;



foreach(WorkflowAssociation WFassociation in workflowcollection)


  workflowName = workflowName+ WFassociation.Name.ToString()+";";


But this code is giving only 2013 workflows. How to retrieve 2010 workflows?

cPanel e-mail and Outlook 2010/2013

Which problems do you have exactly? If it's just about setting up Outlook, select one of these 4 and ask for help setting up Outlook. The steps should be the same for the others.

Always set up the mailbox in cpanel. In Outlook, go to File menu -> Account settings and then select to add a new email account. Use "Other" as the e-mail type and select manual setup. On the next page it should ask for the following and enter what fits the system:

  • E-Mail: The address will be set up in Cpanel
  • Incoming server: Host name of the server – Ask the provider if it is unknown
  • Incoming user: E-mail address
  • Incoming encryption: SSL / TLS
  • Incoming port: 993 for IMAP, 995 for IMAP
  • Ougoing server: Host name of the server
  • Outgoing user: E-mail address
  • Outgoing server encryption: SSL / TLS
  • Outgoing port: Depending on the provider, but may be 25, 465 with SSL or 587 with STARTTLS
  • The server uses a secure (SA) password. No

These are default settings and can be used on any other mail client.

A note on IMAP vs. POP3: IMAP constantly stores emails on the server and a local mail client cache. POP3 downloads emails and deletes them or saves them for a certain time. So, if you have multiple mail clients for the same mailbox, it's best to use IMAP.

Hosting page in SharePoint 2010/2013

We have SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments. We have a request to host a page for external users who ONLY need access to the page. We're considering using SharePoint (either SP 2010 or SP 2013) as the host for the page. My question is whether we need to create a new web application and configure Alternate Access Mapping (AAM). Or is there one or more simpler options?