wallet – Trying to find my bitcoins from 2011

In 2011 I mine some bitcoins on my desktop in some random aplication.
Now I got access to my old computer and I’m trying to search for my bitcoins..
But I have no clue what I need to find. Is it a document with code? What name should I look for?

If I find, I will find a private and public key or I will find some random code document?

And What I need to do to access my bitcoins?

I would aprecciatte the help because I’m a complete noob at this.

Thank you.

active directory – SBS 2011 DNS server doesn’t resolve forward lookup zones

I recently started a new job and inherited an antique in an SBS2011 server (yes, I know all the security risks and have raised this at EVERY management meeting). I have an issue with the DNS not resolving forward lookup zones.

The domain hosting emails use split DNS; the SBS should resolve this to the internal IP address, but not from any clients. The strange part is that from the SBS itself, the DNS is resolved correctly, but when doing nslookup from any internal machine, the DNS (using the SBS) resolves the external reverse proxy and not the internal address.

I have tried researching the heck out of this in the last few weeks/months (in my massive amounts of free time due to COVID lockdown) and have found nothing. nslookup is definitely using the SBS for lookup, and I have tried removing and re-adding the zones to no effect (yep, sanity check).

Also, the DHCP is provided by the firewall, not the SBS. I know AD likes to do the DHCP and this can affect reverse DNS, but I wouldn’t have thought it would affect forward lookup zones … am I mistaken?

I am all ears if anyone has had a similar situation or has suggestions (other than replacing the SBS … I’m already working on that).

TIA Jim.

UK overstay from 2011 to 2014, can I apply for any other visa type now?

A 2-year overstay is very big, therefore it is very unlikely you will be granted a visa.

For comparison, under rule 320(7B), overstayers are normally barred from re-entering the UK for at least one year, unless they overstayed by less than 90 days and left the UK voluntarily at their own expense.

So I imagine even if you didn’t get a ban you would most likely be refused.

A way you could get accepted is if you have significant proof of ties to your home country to show you won’t stay in the U.K. after your visa expires.

Your spouse visa could get accepted if you plan to apply for settlement and live with your partner.

ms office – Outlook 2011 suddenly won’t activate

We have a task-specific macbook air (sierra) with outlook 2011. Usage and available storage have prevented updating.

Until about a week ago everything was fine. Now outlook isn’t activated. When trying to re-activate using Microsoft 365 subscription account it says it cannot reach the server. This suspiciously started on or around the end of June (can’t remember exactly when but I’d stab at 31 June 2021). Other Office apps (2016 – word and excel) are also installed and they are still activated and work fine.

Just asking to see if anyone else has seen this or if anyone can confirm that something has happend with Microsoft no longer maintaining activation of Office 2011 for Mac apps.

I realise it is an old version and Sierra is also old and that an upgrade will fix it but, for practical purposes, I’d really like to get it working again until time and disk space permits upgrading the OS.

homebrew – Upgrade of php not working on Late 2011 High Sierra

I have a late 2011 Macbook pro and want to setup my development environment.However, am struggling with php version. It is currently set to the default 7.1.16.

I was hoping to do it with brew, but I noticed that the version of brew I installed is for the latest versions of mac. So none of my brew commands are working.

How do update my php version without brew?

I tried with curl but when I check the version is still set to the default one.

curl -s https://php-osx.liip.ch/install.sh | bash -s 7.3

Or would there be a way to install a brew version that is compatible to High Sierra?

Wallet from 2011

dat in an old hard drive but it seems like its overwrited with some windows sh**. Is there any way to recover it or recover other data from the other files like debug.log or db, or addr?enter image description here

hard drive – MacBook Pro (Late 2011, A1297) hangs on ‘promiscuous mode enable succeeded’

I am new to macOS and bought this late 2011 MacBook Pro second hand for someone. It booted once however now trying to get it to boot it hangs on

en2: promiscuous mode enable succeeded

I know that the last line is not always the problem, so I have attached a video of the boot in verbose mode. I cannot boot into OS X to get the logs.

I have tried resetting NVRAM (PRAM), resetting the SMC, reinstalling OS X El Capitan on it, Internet Recovery, (The actual recovery partition appears to be missing as the HDD was replaced) and AHT. Running AHT I get ‘No issues found’ so I am not sure what to do next.

I am not sure if that is all the info I need to provide, however if you require anything else, just ask and I will try and provide it.

You can find the video of the verbose boot here:

high sierra – Apple “13 2011 MacBook Pro touchpad battery faulty issue. (10.13.6 software problem)

Recently, my school that gave me that laptop asked it back, and it removed the battery. I’m forced to use the charger but that is not the question right now.
I currently need help because it doesn’t actually show the settings in the trackpad settings, instead it thinks i’m using an iMac because it has bluetooth trackpad + keyboard connection.
The issue and the pictures:

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

You might see this kind of a post alot now, it’s an issue on high sierra. I recently re-installed it because of performance slow-down, actually that is not the thing i’m talking about right now.
I currently have no other idea other than downgrading to 10.12 sierra

Any ideas how to fix the trackpad?

external disk – 2011 27 inch iMac disable internal drive

external disk – 2011 27 inch iMac disable internal drive – Ask Different

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