Windows Server 2012 R2 – PPTP VPN Error 807 with OpenVPN

I'm having problems with Windows Error 807 when I connect to PPTP VPN with Windows Server 2012 via OpenVPN.

I'm not sure where the problem lies and try so many in vain.

Due to OpenVPN, where the service was successfully started on the server, it should not be necessary to change settings in my router.

I'm using, where I have a domain port that forwards the traffic to 1723 on the server running the OpenVPN service.

I can connect to the VPN server locally on the LAN, but not over the OpenVPN tunnel. SSTP VPN works, but is too slow. That's why I'm testing PPTP.

Friendly hint.

Power Off at Startup (MacBook Pro, Mid 2012)

I have a problem with my MacBook Pro. When I press the power button to turn on the computer, the power-on process is started, but when the login screen is displayed (sometimes it does not even reach the screen) login screen before turning itself off.) The computer automatically turns off.

The problem started only an hour before I started writing this question on November 27 at about one o'clock.

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SQL Server – Problems importing data from Excel 2016 to SQL Server 2012

My data, which exceeds 60 thousand records, is more than 100 thousand. So I use the Excel 2016 version of 64 bit. and a SQL Server 2012
Now, when I try to import Excel data from SQL, I can not find the version 2016 list. I only see the 2007 version. I have already installed several ODBCs, but no, what should I do. Foxpro driver also does not realize that it would be an alternative.
I need your help.

SQL Server 2012 can be a subscriber at the same time a publisher

I want to set up a topology for replication. The scenario is for a subscriber to subscribe to a transactional replication-based publisher (Distributor running on the publisher). I would like this subscriber to be the publisher of another subscriber. I want the distributor to be on publisher instance (push). Can any body help me? greetings

Windows Server 2012 R2 – Can Users See Only Their Own Documents in the Print Queue?

I have recently enabled the print server option on a Windows Server 2012 R2 computer.
One thing the management wants to do is to see all documents printed.
So, to do that, that Keep printed documents Option has been activated.
One drawback we noticed, however, was that each user could see all documents printed by another user from his workstation.

I wondered if there is an option that I can enable so that only users can see their own print jobs on their workstation. On the print server, the administrator can view the full list of print jobs.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Bitlocker sometimes appears as active immediately when policies are set

The setup looks like we have a bunch of laptops for people connecting to Windows Server (2012) AD. We have an AD group (I did not set it up so that it is not 100% secure) that allows you to store bitlocker keys for each device and force users to Bitlocker USB keys before going on it can copy. Sometimes it seems like a breakdown, so that one of two things happens:

  1. The normal way (as it should be): We want to move a device to Bitlocker (this could be after a reinstallation or a device that was not yet on Bitlocker in the past), so we put this device in the AD group, report Every now and then in Windows on the device. We then right-click on C: and select Turn On Bitlocker, and it leads us through the setup. If the guidelines are met, we will not be prompted to insert a flash drive, etc., to secure the key while it is being sent to the server. It will then take a while for the drive to be encrypted (of course faster with an SSD, the devices with hard drives take ages).
  2. We use the same method. After moving the device to the AD group, we will log in again and it will appear that Bitlocker is already enabled on the drive.

In the second option, this is the case even for new installations (so I know that Bitlocker has never been activated) and happens immediately (even with hard disks). This seems to me that while it is reported that Bitlocker is enabled, is it actually? Since we do not receive the wizard when it's on, we can not encrypt the entire drive. Therefore, I appreciate all data that was on the drive before reinstalling Windows (if it was not) Bitlockered before reinstalling it) would not be protected (if someone had performed a full recovery on the drive and searched for deleted files) , Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone done any tests to determine if the data is encrypted?

Can Mid 2012 Macbook Pro be updated with nvme ssd and an adapter?

I would like to upgrade the memory on a 2012 MacBook Pro and switch to an SSD. I know I could only fit a 2.5-inch drive into the optical drive bay, but I'd rather keep the optical drive.

Is there a way to use an NVME SSD in a mid-2012 MacBook Pro model? I know that an adapter is needed. Which adapter works? I've also heard that certain brands of nvme ssds work, so confirmation would be helpful.

I do not know if the OS version matters, but it's the Captian version 10.11.3.

Active Directory – Windows Server 2012 Certification Authority: Installation location

In my environment I have these servers:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktophost
  • many Linux servers

I want to deploy my certificates from the local authority and distribute them in the domain.

Where do I have to install the CA? On the domain controller or on the RD host?

Remote Desktop – RDP on Windows Storage Server 2012 not possible

We have a Windows Storage Server 2012 and I can not make an RDP connection to it. I happen to get two different error messages (attached).

Enter image description here
Enter image description here

I can ping the server (attached)

Enter image description here

I can open Telnet on the RDP port (connected)

Enter image description here

Any suggestions please? Thank you for your help!