Using SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow, query a list on site A from subsite B

I have a Designer 2013 workflow on a subsite (B) that needs to query a calendar on the parent site (A) to see if there is a matching entry in the calendar. If there is no matching entry, I want to create an item in this calendar.

My workflow queries the calendar for A via a REST call to a web service.

When I execute my workflow, the responseCode displays "Forbidden". I've gotten this before wrapping the code into an app step, and I still get it after I've configured both the parent site and the subsite to run workflows using app steps and add an app step to my workflow can. What do I miss here?

PS: I can confirm that the URL to the web service I'm calling works. When I copy them from the app step and paste them into my browser, I get the results that I expect from the query.

SharePoint 2013: Add a second domain to PP and move the user

It depends on the domain trust mode (either direction or one way). However, this topic is covered in Using People Policies with Multiple Forests or Domains and Configuring People Picker (SharePoint Server 2010).

A few comments:

  1. The user object Got to be disabled in the source or target forest. Activation in both cases is not supported. The User Profile Synchronization service might show an unexpected migration activity in SharePoint if it is enabled in both forests.

  2. SharePoint servers can not be moved between domains / forests. You must create a new farm in the target forest and perform a database migration for service applications and content databases.

Here is the complete process:

$wa = Get-SPWebApplication https://url
$adsearchobj = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPPeoplePickerSearchActiveDirectoryDomain
$adsearchobj.DomainName = ""
$adsearchobj.ShortDomainName = "CONTOSO" #Optional
$adsearchobj.IsForest = $true #$true for Forest, $false for Domain

Do this for every forest and web application.

If you move a user object from one forest to another, find a site collection URL under which the user object exists, and do the following:

$user = Get-SPUser https://siteCollUrl
Move-SPUser -Identity $user -NewAlias 'i:0#.w|newdomainusername' -IgnoreSid

You can also execute:

stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin 'i:0#.w|olddomainusername' -newlogin 'i:0#.w|newdomainusername' -ignoresidhistory

Workflow – Separated Separated String (,; #) with SPD 2013

Need help sharing a text (single-line text box / multi-line text box – plain text) that contains delimiters and creates new items in a different library / list.

Tried using example SPD 2013 workflow, but not accurate result. (W / w Enter image description here Enter image description hereendless loop)

Below are the screenshots.

For example: List A
Text box – Name: Suresh, Rajesh, Kumar
ID: 3

List / Library B

ID Name1 Name2 Name3
3 Suresh Rajesh Kumar


2013 – Click the Save button to stay in the form and pop up the new form. – JavaScript

I've written the following code to open a new page when I click the button to save a new list.

$(document).ready(function() {
        $('input(value=Save)').click(function() {
                var Width = 1050;
                var Height = 550;
                var left = (screen.width - Width) / 2;
                var top = (screen.height - Height) / 4;
                var myWindow ="someurl");


But my expectations are as follows:

  1. Until I enter values ​​into the pop-up window and submit / close the popup, my parents
    Form should not be submitted.
  2. I should be able to submit the parents
    List form as soon as I submit / close the popup window (not before).

I researched the internet, but found no way. Appreciate your help.

2013 – Is it possible to replace the text of the edit link without affecting the functionality?

I have several SharePoint 2013 document libraries that should display the full document name (including file extension) instead of the default name field. I know how to do this in a DVWP or by changing the view through SharePoint Designer, but unfortunately none of these options are possible in this case. The desired information is already in the metadata and can be selected by modifying the view and selecting the "Name (for use in forms)" column instead of "Name (linked to document with edit menu)". Otherwise, the menu function associated with the default field will be interrupted.

However, I already use the JSLink function to add some buttons via Javascript and wondered if it's possible to just override the text without affecting the menu function. For example, can I overwrite the displayed text (ie the value of the title field) with my own (ie the value of the X field) without affecting this menu function?

I can replace the text with my own hyperlink (see below), but this overrides the field completely … including the menu function. I want to know if I can replace just The text is displayed while the rest remains intact.

Code Snippet: (replaces the title value with my own hyperlink)

(function () {
    var overrideCtx = {};
    overrideCtx.Templates = {};
    overrideCtx.Templates.Fields = {
        'LinkTitle': { 'View': renderLinkTitleLink }
}) ();
function renderLinkTitleLink(ctx) {
    var itemTitle = ctx.CurrentItem("Title");
    var itemId = ctx.CurrentItem("ID");
    var html = "";
    html += "";
    html += "" + itemTitle + "";
    html += "";
    return html;

I think that usually gets me there, but I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do can be done.

Workflow – Sharepoint Designer 2013 E-Mail – Hyperlink Title

Currently, SharePoint Designer 2013 has a workflow that sends an email when you create an item. I wanted to insert a link to the newly created element in the message body. So I figured out how to insert the URL of the current item for the address, but I do not know how the displayed text of the hyperlink should reflect the name of the new item. Is it possible that the "text to be displayed" displays the name of the newly created item?

Thank you all,


2013 – Remove users from the group with Javascript

I found a script for adding a user to an SP group with a button.
Now I would like to have a second button that does the opposite (remove the user from the group).

The first thing (adding a user) works. The second one does not work.
What am I doing wrong?

The SharePoint Designer 2013 Send E-Mail workflow does not work

We created the standard Send Email workflow using the SharePoint 2013 workflow. We do not receive emails. We tried the same with the SharePoint 2010 workflow and how it works. We also tried to contact the list and the release page. Everything that works well means that we receive emails. With the exception of the SharePoint 2013 workflow, emails are sent to the mailbox. The workflow to start the task process has also been created, and all tasks have completed successfully, but no emails are received.

We checked the SMTP server, everything configured correctly.
The full synchronization of the user profile worked flawlessly and users synchronized via AD.

Note: We are suing the SharePoint 2013 environment.

SP experts, please suggest us.

2013 – Display Form WPQ Number Assignment

Does anyone know how the assignment of WPQ numbers can be changed?

Example: We have a custom new webform with two web parts "ContentEditorWebPart" and one "ListFormWebPart". When rendering the aspx page, the ContentEditorWebPart WPQ2 and the ListFormWebPart WPQ1 are assigned.

Note: We have another custom Web Form with the opposite mappings – the ContentEditorWebPart is assigned WPQ1 and the ListFormWebPart is assigned WPQ2.

Part of our JavaScript code breaks because of the different WPQ numbers (1 vs 2, etc.)

We tried to change the WPQ numbers by modifying the ASPX Edit and View pages. We tried to create a new aspx page with a different web part order.

Question: Is there a way to change a WPQ number (for example, from WPQ1 to WPQ2, etc.)? Or can you suggest a resource where we can find the solution?

can not update document properties using a workflow in the document library in SharePoint 2013

I have a SharePoint 2013 document library with documents created with InfoPath forms. When I try to run a 2010 workflow that updates one of the properties in one of these documents, the workflow indicates that an error has occurred in the OARFv2 Approval Workflow – PF2.
Sometimes I do not get this error, but instead get the message "failed on startup (retry)" and it stays that way forever until I manually abort the workflow.
I've tried to write a very simple 2-line workflow that does nothing other than set and terminate the value of a column on a hard-coded text string. It just went forever and shows "in progress" for the status.
I tried to republish the workflow using SHAREPOINT System on the server itself. I also tried to give myself full control rights and put the entire workflow in an impersonation step, but I did not get anywhere. When I run a workflow that uses values ​​from the documents to send emails, and does not refresh the document at all, it works and is done in seconds.
I can manually update document properties using the Edit Properties option, so I have permission to do so.
It is a document library with 6000 documents.
There are other document libraries on this site where I can easily update the documents with similar workflows. I'm not sure where to go with it. I do not see any way to increase the logging level. I am not familiar with rewriting the workflow using VS to get better error messages. My next step might be to use JavaScript and the REST endpoint to update and determine what kind of bugs I'm getting. I bet this works and only the workflow is the problem.