Keyboard – Mac Air 2015 with MS Office for Mac

Today I updated MS Office on my Mac Air. 5 updates. Wanted to use Word and had to repeat a single letter for a few lines in my new document. Couldn't do it, had to type the same letter in sequence. A pin. On my Windows laptop, I can hold down any letter key and it will go forever. There is a setting that I cannot find that allows you to repeat the key as long as you want. Can't find this setting. Please help … thanks.

Battery – early 2015 Macbook Air (A1466) Will not charge

I have searched far and wide to solve this problem, but have been out of luck.

I have a MacBook Air in early 2015 (A1466) which I have kept in very good condition over the years. It never really left my room / desk and I tried very hard to keep it in this state because I really like this computer.

So it was a couple of months since I last used it (new job, work computer, on the go all the time) and I realized that the charger was disconnected at some point, which meant that the battery would probably last for days, weeks completely was empty, maybe months I understand is not good for a lithium ion battery?

I recently tried turning it on for the first time and it starts up while it's plugged in and it seems to be charging normally. However, when the computer is fully booted, when you click the icon, the battery appears as "not charged" on the taskbar and the percentage is stuck at 1%.

The orange light on the MagSafe charger lights up when it is connected.

The steps I've taken so far.

    – Reset the SMC a few times
    – Reset PRAM a few times
    -Option + clicked on the battery to see a report and it shows as
    -Downloaded coconut battery and that also shows up as "normal"
    – Checks the number of cycles that are currently ~ 310
    which appears to be well below the expected error point
    -Removed my battery and checked the inside of my computer
    Corrosion or other damage did not find anything
    – Check the battery for irregularities or swellings, nothing found.
    – Tried several MagSafe chargers
    MagSafe charger

A friend of mine let me take some photos of the I / O board to see if he could figure it out and wasn't sure, but does he seem to think it could have something to do with it? – IO board pictures.

Recommendations for the type of new external drives to connect to the 27-inch iMac from the end of 2015

I need to connect two external 4TB or better 5TB drives to the free Thunderbolt 2 port of my 27-inch iMac by the end of 2015 and hopefully put these new external drives in a row so I can only get one free Thunderbolt 2 Connection can use.

What would be the fastest drives / connections to power the external drives?

(I'm not looking for brand recommendations, just connection logs!)

"I'll just surround myself with the best and most serious people, believe me." – Donald Trump, 2015. Was he right?

Here are some more quotes from Trump. Just watch the Trump pendants move them down with their thumbs. Pure comedy gold.

"I do not think anyone knows more about campaign finance than me because I contribute the most."

"I know more about people who receive reviews than anyone else."

"I know more about ISIS than the generals."

"I understand social media, I understand the power of Twitter, I understand the power of Facebook perhaps better than almost anyone else, based on my results, right?"

"I know more about dishes than any human on earth."

"Who knows more about complaints than me? I am the king."

"I understand politicians better than anyone else."

"Nobody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B.

"Nobody knows more about trade than me."

"Nobody knows the [government] system better than me."

"I know more about renewable energy than anyone on Earth."

"I think nobody knows more about taxes than me, maybe in the history of the world."

"I'm the king of debt, I'm great with debt, nobody knows debt better than me."

"I understand money better than anyone else."

"Look, as a contractor, no one in the history of this country has known as much about infrastructure as Donald Trump."

"I know more about Cory [Booker] than he does about himself."

"I think I know more about the other side than almost anyone else."

"Nobody knows more about building than me."

"I think I know better than [the Federal Reserve]."

"Technology – nobody knows more about technology than me."

"I know more about drones than anyone else, and I know about every form of security you can have."

"Let a drone fly – and I think nobody knows more about technology than me."

visual studio 2015 – Error: Crystal Report could not be loaded

I have an application on the active ASP.Net 2015 production server with Access database and reports in Crystal Report. When a report is run, the error is displayed: "The report could not be loaded". Only this error does not trigger anything else.

 En el equipo de Desarrollo los reportes funcionan correctamente, pero en el servidor de producción NO. He realizado lo siguiente en el servidor de producción:

1) I have assigned all appropriate permissions in the project folder and in the IIS.

2) I installed the corresponding CR Rutime with my version (13.0) "which I also installed on the development server.

3) I have assigned user permissions in the c: windows temp folder.

4) The connection to the database with the reports is done with the ODBC configuration.

5) The report is set up in a form with a CrystalReportSource associated with a CrystalReportViewer to display the report.

6) The application is designed for 32-bit with Framework 4.5 and the IIS in the application group has the option "Enable applications for 32-bit".

Enter image description hereThank you very much

usb – External memory is not detected on macbook air 2015

So at the end of 2015, I have a MacBook Air that I recently received from a friend, but neither the USB ports work for USB storage nor the SD card slot. Whatever I connect to is displayed in the system information. Not only in Disk Utilities or Finder. I have already reset the SMC and reinstalled the operating system. I honestly do not know what to do next.

App Mac – Algoriddim djay Pro 2.0.15 + Complete FX Pack Multilingual macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Algoriddim djay Pro 2.0.15 + Complete FX Pack | Multilingual | macos | 271 mb

djay Pro offers a complete toolkit for DJs. The unique modern user interface is based on a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify and gives you instant access to millions of titles.

djay Pro offers a complete toolkit for DJs. The unique modern user interface is based on a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify and gives you instant access to millions of titles. Unadulterated sound quality and a range of powerful features, including high-resolution waveforms, four decks, audio effects, video mixing and hardware integration, give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to a new level.
Powerful DJ interface
* Turntable
* Waveforms
* Four decks
* Sampler
* Video
Spotify integration
* Instant access to over 20 million songs
* Playlists, Songs, Charts, Browse
* Match: Cloud-based song recommendations
* Immediate access to BPM and key information through the cloud
* Edit and save playlists in no time
* Drag and drop from the Spotify app
* Powerful audio streaming technology: Low latency, advanced effects and on-the-fly analysis
Video Integration
* Video library with pre-installed content
* Mix and scratch video
* Transitions
* Music visualizer
* Visual FX
* Title and image overlays
* A / V recording
* Support for external displays and airplay
Pioneer CDJ / XDJ integration
* Native support for Pioneer CDJ and XDJ lineup
* Guided plug and play facility
* Full hardware control including slip mode, scratching, pitch bending, looping, cueing and master tempo
* Library navigation including Spotify + iTunes, waveform and cue point display on the CDJ / XDJ screens
* Connect up to 4 CDJs / XDJs
Mix four decks
* Horizontal / vertical layouts
* Crossfader assignments (left, right, through)
Music Library
* Spotify + iTunes
* Video Library
* File system integration
* History and Queue
* Instant preview
* Light / dark mode
* Advanced mode
Waveform layouts
* Horizontal Vertical
* Two decks / four decks
* Variable zoom level
* Live sampling and preset editing
* Pre-installed content from Loopmasters
* Pre-installed scratch samples from DJQbert
* Export iTunes
* Automatic, beat-matched mixes
* Automation of queues and playlists
* Automatic transitions
* Automix Radio from Spotify
Advanced DJ tools
* Sync
* Cue points
* Grind
* Skip
* Scrubbing
* Slip mode
* Beat grid editing
Audio FX
* Over 30 state-of-the-art audio effects with Sugar Bytes (available via in-app purchase)
* Up to three concatenated audio effects per deck
* XY pad and instant FX
Audio processing
* Extended time stretch (up to + – 75%)
* Pitch shifting (up to + – 1 octave)
* Audio mix with adjustable crossfader curves
* EQ, panning and high pass / low pass filtering
* Audio Limiter
* Support for Audio Unit plug-ins
Audio analysis
* BPM and beat detection
* Flexible beat grids with dynamic tempo support
* Frequency-based colored waveforms
* Key recognition
* Auto Gain / Normalize
* Multi-core batch analysis
Hardware Integration
* Native support for over 50 MIDI controllers
* Native support for the Pioneer CDJ and XDJ product line as well as for all Pioneer DDJ controllers
* Advanced MIDI learning
* External mixer mode
* Support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces
* Support for external audio input and microphones
Developed for OS X
* Support for touch bar
* Native 64-bit application
* 60 frames per second graphics engine
* Optimized for MacBook Pro with Retina display
* Optimized for iMac with Retina 5K display
* Multi-core analysis (up to 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro)
* Extensive keyboard shortcuts
* Multi-touch trackpad control
* iCloud Integration: Synchronizes cue points, grid edits, and metadata with iOS versions of DJAY
In-app purchases: Complete FX Pack Collection – included
compatibility: OS X 10.11 or higher 64-bit
start page:

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