iris pro graphics 1536 allocated memory is always full on my macbook 15 2015

I am having a problem with my second-hand MacBook pro 15 2015, I got it second hand and already updated to big sur 11.0. the problem I have is jankiness in web scrolling and a lot of times, I get lags when typing (happened when typing this post). this actually stops being an issue when I close certain apps like phpStorm IDE, chrome tabs, … . I traced the issue to the allocated VRAM being quickly filled by the apps I am running. I find it weird that I have 16GB of ram that is still not completely used while my 3GB swap partition is nearly filled.

I personally never had such issues even on 8GB ram ( I now have a 16GB model). i had hackintoshes before and there was never an issue with jankiness when opening many apps and using up to 13GB of RAM at times.
my current machine is running at 1920×1080 resolution 16:10 and HiDPI (probably the culprit). It has an Iris Pro graphics 1536 MB, R9 AMD DGPU, and i7 2.8Ghz.

my goal is to get rid of this memory issue while trying to keep the HiDPI mode on the screen (i am using screenResolutionX to get the resolution).

Mesma comunicação serial usada em dois Forms em C# VS 2015

Pessoal preciso de ajuda.
Estou com projeto C# Visual Studio 2015 que usa no Form principal comunicação serial com Arduino usando objeto serialPort enviando e recebendo dados.
Preciso usar esta mesma comunicação serial num segundo Form, desta vez somente enviando dados pro Arduino.
É possível fazer isso?
No momento uso no segundo Form outro objeto serialPort, mas quando abro a comunicação serial preciso fechar do Form principal, senão da erro.

Alguém pode me ajudar, por favor.

hard drive – macbook air begining 2015 stuck after change SSD

I have a macbook air from begining 2015 with 120Go. I bought a Transcend Jet Drive 250 SSD (480Go). I did a backup from time machine and placed it on an external hard drive. I installed the SSD and I restart the Mac with cmd+R. I selected the restore from time machine and connected to external hard drive. I found the new internal hard drive. I wait for 40 minutes and my mac restarted automatically. But it is stuck on the black screen with the apple and the loading bar at the end.

Do you have any idea about the problem ? Can you tell me what I have to do ?


boot – 2015 MacBook Air (13″ – 256 SSD, 8GB RAM)

This is my Wife’s Mac, and she has been complaining of general slowness for a while now. And I confirmed it and did the normal things: Safe Mode, clean caches, check the disk for errors, run the hardware diagnostics, zap the PRAM/NVRAM. The result: nothing found, still slow.

So time for a new Mac for her (a new MBA) and I scrub the drive on the old MBA clean of all data with disk utility, run first aid and (try to) reinstall macOS (Mojave)in the hopes that a clean reinstall will do the trick.

Internet Recovery mode errors out when trying to install Mojave from Apple’s servers (and a 30 minute boot), so I make a Mojave installer on a USB-3 flash drive and boot from that.

It takes almost an hour to boot the flash drive and even then the progress bar completes but nothing happens. So I built another installer and verified this one will boot an older Mac Mini I have. Works fine, but on the MBA same as before: an hour to complete booting but I never get the Install MacOS Mojave screen. It sits, completed on the black screen with a filled progress bar.

So Diagnostics finds nothing, disk first aid finds nothing, zapping the PRAM/NVRAM does nothing, and now I have an old MBA with no OS that won’t install a new OS and stumped as to what is going on. Not sure it is worth taking to Apple for repairs as repairs would likely cost more than the Mac is worth.

Any suggestions or even ideas what it might be?

display – What is wrong with this MacBook Air (2015)?

I was donated a MacBook Air 2015 by a friend, and told that the screen didn’t work but an external display was fine.

Now I have had a closer look, and the screen is black but the machine works fine with an external monitor (but the battery appears to be dead – the status icon said the battery wasn’t charging). I reset the pram and upgraded to latest MacOS, but it didn’t help.

Running diagnostics gave me these codes:

  • The battery was not detected, Reference code: PPT001
  • There might be an issue with the display. Reference code VFD004.
  • There might be an issue with the graphics processor. Reference code VFD005.
  • Additional reference code: VFD001.

I had a look in the system report under Graphics/Displays and the built in monitor was not reported at all (which I expected) but the external one was.

What might be the problem?

enter image description here

Why My MacBook Pro’s battery is swollen and it don’t turn on nor charge? It’s 13 inch early 2015

My MacBook Pro’s battery is swollen and it don’t turn on nor charge?

It’s 13 inch early 2015.

I found my MacBook dead suddenly . Later I opened it up but found that the battery is swollen and after that I tried to unplug the battery and turn on the Mac using AC POWER but it didn’t turn on?

hard drive – What is the most compatible USB Hub for late 2015 iMac 27″ 5k?

Last year I got an Apanage 10 port hub that charges and connects devices (scanner, dvd drive, etc.) via USB only – no power adapter. Recently two external hard drives suddenly started to die. One of which was only a few months old. I no longer connect my externals/flash drives to the hub but constantly run out of space for USB devices. Plus it’s a hassle to access the back of the computers. I’m a photographer, video editor, and digital archivist. During most projects I need more than four USB ports. Transfers of large files (100-250 GB) between my two iMacs is cumbersome without a reliable hub.

Thank you in advance for any advice.