active directory – Windows Server 2016 – No sound after joining domain

so far I have setup AD and group policies.But some of my clients just cant seem to play sound on their computer after joining a domain. When I test I got this error message
Error picture

but the weird thing is.. even when the clients are already out of the domain their sound still doesnt work.I tried to restore to default local group policy after leaving the domain and still doesnt work.Tried reinstalling drivers doesnt work too.Now I am not quite sure if its a problem with the policy or any other things.Have anyone had this problem?

disaster recovery – How to prepare Workflow Manger Farm in DR for SharePoint 2016

I Prepared one SharePoint 2016 Farm with Two Servers
In Application Server I installed & Configured Workflow Manager Farm and it created below databases 3 WF farm and 3 for Service Bus


Now how to prepare same Workflow Manger Farm in DR
I have one server in DR for Workflow Manger and we are using SQL Server Always On to sync databases between DC and DR

For DR WF farm can I do the same steps for installation Workflow Manger and Service Bus

CAML – List Item Pagination in SharePoint 2016

I’ve got a .NET application that needs to retrieve items from a list and return them, I’m looking for a way to paginate the results in case the number of items gets too large.

I’ve checked out multiple questions about it, most are from 2013 saying the only way is to compare the last ID retrieved, but I also see that there’s a REST skiptoken property that works in a similar way, but can’t find a CAML equivalent.

Is my only solution just doing something like this?

            <FieldRef Name='_ModerationStatus' /> <Value Type="ModStat">0</Value>
            <FieldRef Name='ID' /> <Value Type="Number">{lastId}</Value>

macos – Macbook Pro 2016 – Big Sur Battery Issue after replacement

Background – i bought a 2016 Macbook Pro (A1708) a few weeks ago that was at 800+ cycles and the battery was listed as “service recommended”, would not charge past 1% and switch off if unplugged. So i bought a new battery and installed it. Little did i know that there was a replacement program for the 2016/2017 MAcbook Pro’s that had issues after Big Sur upgrade..doh! So now Apple wont touch me as i replaced the battery but the issue still persists even with a new battery. I have attempted an SMC reset and PRAM/NVRAM resets and it still doesn’t work. I have wiped SSD and gone back to Mojave (same issue) then upgraded back to the latest version of Big Sur.

Did this bug with Big Sur brick something on the logicboard/SMC? Has anyone else had this issue and worked out how to resolve?

SharePoint 2016 search is crawled but not showing the search result

I have restored all four search application-related databases and I could see the crawled content source history, however, whenever I search something in the search site, the search does not give any results and it doesn’t give any error as well. Any suggestion on what are the troubleshootings I should check?

Note: This is an old search application that has been running for over two years, all of a sudden after installing the security update, the problem has been started. Then the search schema page was throwing an error, once I have run the SharePoint configuration wizard, the schema page error went.

chrome – Why won’t network links open in pdf documents from SharePoint 2016?

We have multiple pdf documents in a SharePoint 2016 document library and we use Office Online Server. Within the pdf documents are links to network files. The pdf files open in a web browser (Edge Chromium and Chrome). Clicking a link (points to a network file, word/excel document) in the pdf from the web browser does nothing. The document never opens. No errors. No information in browser developer tools. Opening the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then clicking a link to network files, opens the file. Is SharePoint preventing the network link from opening the file? Is Office Online Server preventing the network link from opening the file? Is this a browser issue?

office online server – Why won’t pdf files in SharePoint 2016 open in Client Application (Adobe Acrobat Reader)?

I created a document library with “open in the client application” selected in SharePoint 2016. Browser File handling is set to “Strict” for the Web Application and Site Collection Feature for “Open Documents in Client Application by Default” is activated. PDF files still open in the browser when using EDGE Chromium and Chrome but open in Adobe Acrobat Reader when using IE11. Excel spreadsheets in the same folder open directly in Excel and word documents in the same folder open directly in Word. I do have an Office Online server in the farm.

How can I make PDF files open in Adobe Acrobat Reader from SharePoint 2016 when using Edge Chromium or Chrome?

2016 – Crawl log return item truncated

Suddenly we received issues on our SharePoint 2 of SharePoint lists library with the following issue. The following error is capture from Crawl log

This item will be retried as a part of the next crawl. 
If this belongs to a SharePoint repository, all items below this will also be retried in the next crawl. 
( Item truncated. Field=docacl, Occurrences=10000, Chars=459976; Truncation of field is invalid, clearing field. Field=docacl; ; 

What I have done:

$mp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Identity body -SearchApplication (Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication)
#changed the value from 0
$mp.MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreForRetrieval = "2048000" 
#changed the value from 0
$mp.MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex = "2048000" 

And I tried couple items that error during crawl, then I clicked Recrawl this item in the next crawl. However the issue still not resolve. Please advise other solutions. Thanks

Note: I am using SharePoint 2016 On Premise

2016 – SharePoint site prompt username and password

Everything is working fine but I have a strange behavior.

When I leave my office and came after 1 hour , the site is asking to enter user name and password.

In the same browser, and the same session, when I open a new tab, add the same url, it’s working without prompt. The URL is of trusted site.

I am sure it’s not a permissions issue.

Is there a session timeout or something like this?

Issue happened in Chrome and IE is set to login with the current user and password!

I didn’t submit information in form! I just locked my PC and came back after 30 minutes approximately, perform refresh, the chrome asking for user name and password for all sites!

CSS styles are not working in Sharepoint 2016 Server On Premises

Yes, this is because your customization uses a CSS version that does not support transform (should be used in CSS3).

Per my test, I add following code in SharePoint server 2016 page with Script Editor web part, it works well.

enter image description here

Since HTML 5 and CSS3 is valid in the page, it will also be valid in SharePoint Designer, if this is a warning, please ignore it.