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PureFit Keto Review – 30-day Ketose for faster fat burning

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Paperwork – When registering with the police, if you are an EU citizen in the Czech Republic, is there a 30-day registration earlier?

https://www.policie.cz/clanek/reporting-of-the-place-of-aliensresidence.aspx states:

An EU citizen is required to report his or her residency within 30 days of entering the territory of the police if his probable stay is longer than 30 days. This obligation also applies to family members of an EU citizen if that EU citizen resides in the territory. The duty to report residence to the police does not apply to a foreigner who has fulfilled this obligation at the tourist accommodation.

Is there an advantage if you register with the police 30 days ago when registering as an EU citizen to visit the Czech Republic?