dnd 3.5e – walls that are immune to fire damage

The obvious answer is to make the walls using Wall of powerwhich is "immune to damage of all kinds" and with which it can be made permanent durability spell.

Note that this does not apply to floor and ceiling without DM control Wall of power Creates only vertical walls. If you need floor and ceiling covering, you can use power cagebut this spell can not be done permanently.

The energy immunity The spell targets creatures only, so it only works on the walls if you go to great lengths to make the walls look like creatures. (Maybe make a bargain with a small tribe of mimicry to act as a wall for you?)

Another approach would be to simply use a special material for the walls. The special material index lists something called "Fyrit" that is immune to fire.

Most DMs would probably also have a material like Obsidian or Red Dragon work.

dnd 3.5e – How should you customize the Encounter levels for under-provisioned PCs?

In two campaigns that I play, our PCs are equipped far under the specifications of the DMG, s. 135 ("Character Richness by Level"). We get into trouble again and again and are overwhelmed with situations that we should handle after the CR of the opponents. So I'm wondering if you can create guidelines like, "If you have the equipment 2 levels below your character level, you should effectively be considered 1 level below your actual character level in terms of encounter levels."

They would have to judge how much the progress of a PC in terms of capabilities and performance comes from improved equipment and grade levels. So, was such an assessment ever attempted? How should or should it look like?

I realize that there are other factors that have contributed to our repeated defeats: no maximized characters, special circumstances in making encounters and just too stupid. All of them had their share. Nevertheless, I would like to know if the striker can be reasonably estimated.

dnd 3.5e – Is there a rule-compliant way to rule a character trying to snake?

The evil wizard has just worked Summon Monster I and now a snake has appeared next to a player. The snake is right next to the king, so she wants to try to grab the snake and cut off its head.

Is there a rule-based way for me to calculate the role and DC? I thought it's not a grapple check, because she does not really fight a little snake, so maybe it's a contrast DEX-Check?

dnd 3.5e – Is it possible to cast spells with 0 dexterity?

According to archive glossary:

Dexterity 0 means that the character can not move at all. He stands motionless, rigid and helpless.

He does not win paralyzed Condition and thus no specific rule of the game restricts it to purely mental acts or prevents it from speaking. Therefore, we must resort to the natural English meanings of the words.

My interpretation would be that he can cast purely mental spells or spells that require focus / material components that he already possesses. This section on verbal components states:

A Silent spell or gag spoils the summon (and thus the spell).

I would interpret that as if he were forced to be motionless. On the other hand, as a player, I would accept to decide this point either way.

Archive with 3.5E characters? – Role playing Stack Exchange

I am 90% sure that this does not exist.

No, I'm 100% sure that the type of library you requested is not there because "known to be correct with RAW" is not a plausible standard. While you could probably – with the utmost care – create a character that avoids all RAW ambiguities, this would drastically reduce the data space, as some ambiguities occur at 3.5e. As a result it is disappear It is unlikely that anyone bothers to create such a library, and even that would probably not be so useful to you.

What I'm 90% sure about is that I do not believe that there is an extensive digital online "library" of characters that is in plausible form.

dnd 3.5e – Psion and Ardent Power Points and Power Stacks?

Power of discipline

The ability of the Psion discipline, like the Wizarding School specialization option, is formulated counterintuitively. In a sense, perhaps even more than a specialization in school, because the ability to discipline does not prevent you from learning any Powers.

Instead, Psionen has certain powers just by the ability of discipline – for example, a psion must be a shaper that specializes in meta-creativity to learn astral construct known with their psion powers. You can see how the astral construct Power Description lists its level as "Shaper 1" and not as "Psion / Wild 1" as in crystal ShardDescription. You can see all the forces of it Advanced Psionics manual these are limited in this way; Complete Psionic The version of these lists can be found on pages 75 and 76.

Important, psions can learn other powers from these disciplines – they are only specific ones that are limited. So you have to be a shaper to learn astral constructbut every psion can learn crystal Shardalthough both are metacreativity forces.

As for Dimension hop, it is Not a limited power available only to nomads (the psycho-specialization psiones). Actually, It's not a Psion force at all. It is only available through the Freedom Coat, which means that the enthusiast can learn it that way. Since the Psion is not a force "limited to other disciplines", the Psion / Enthusiast can learn it as easily as a one-class enthusiast. nothing about the psion says something else.

But let's say, for example, that we talked about it astral construct, Which is Limited psionic performance, available only if the psion specializes in metacreativity. Ardents can also learn this power through the creation mantle. This is a force that Advanced Psionics manual says, "The Psion can not learn powers limited to other disciplines." Does that mean the Psion / Enthusiast can not learn it? No, that does not mean that nothing more than school specialization limits what a sorcerer can learn as a sorcerer. We have no explicit example of how to do it for the Wizard example Complete Arkanbut 1. it is consistent with this example and 2. it is consistent with the fact that for the sake of simplicity, class descriptions are written from the perspective of a one-class character from the first level.

ultimately: Psion Discipline has no bearing on what powers you can learn and manifest as a passionate person, even if you are a Psion / Passion for multiple classes.

Force points

The answers to your questions can be found mainly in the section Multiclass Psionic Characters:

Multi-class Psionic characters

If you have Levels in more than one Psionic class, combine your Credits from each class to form your Reserve. You can use these power points to manifest powers from any psionic class you have.

While retaining a single reserve of power points from your class, race, and talent selection, you are still limited by the level of manifestation you have achieved with every power you know.

The question of combining bonus points for each class is not explicitly addressed, but can be understood by applying these rules: psion doesn & # 39; t just Gain the base power points that come from the class, as well as the bonus power points from High Intelligence. Likewise with fiery ones whose power points also include the bonus power points of High Wisdom. The rules here say that they must be combined. Note that you still have separate manifest levels for each class! This affects how many reward points you receive, giving you total

$$ PP_ {psion_ {base}} + tfrac {1} {2} times Int times ML_ {psion} + PP_ {ardent_ {base}} + tfrac {1} {2} times Wis times ML_ passionate

I seem to recall a rule that it is not possible to get bonus points for the same ability twice, but I can not find them now. That makes me suspect it's in there Complete PsionicIt would not be a very good rule (the need to balance the separate manifest level for each without further restricting it) Complete Psionic is infamous for applying absolutely unnecessary Nerfs to psionic material. Be very careful with this book – it has a terrible reputation. The astral construct Nerfs and psychokinesis Nerfs should be ignored. Much of the lint and flavors are also of very low quality. The passion is great, but it is one of the very few things in this book (the others are the feat of the skilled Manifesto and the prestige class of the Soulbow).

dnd 3.5e – Psion and Argent Power Points and Powers Stack?

Description of psion says:

Every Psion has to decide on the first level what Psionic discipline he wants
specialize in Choosing a discipline gives access to a Psion
the class skills associated with this discipline (see above)
as the powers limited to this discipline. However, choose a
Discipline also means that the Psion can not learn what powers he has
limited to other disciplines. He can not even use such powers
with psionic objects. (See Psionic Disciplines below for a brief description
Description of the individual disciplines. Chapter 5 of this book contains a list
of powers available to all psiones and lists of powers limited to
certain disciplines.)

For example, if the character is psion 1 / argent 1, may he use the dimension jump and other argent powers, or is this power now forbidden?

And also – Does the PowerPoint pile up? Is it like – 2 pp from Argent 1st level / 2 pp from Psion 1st level, and also from Wis Int bonuses?

dnd books: extended psionic, complete psionic

dnd 3.5e – Do you suffer damage when it's your turn in the field of a Blade Barrier spell?

The magic sound barrier read

When you create the barrier so it appears where there are creatures
Each creature suffers damage as if through the
Wall. Each of these creatures can dodge the wall (lands on the side of
his choice) and thus take no harm by making a successful reflex
to save. (PHB p. 205)

If a creature does not rescue, does it also suffer damage when it's their turn to "cross" the wall?

dnd 3.5e – How do monstrous hit cubes work?

As I continue my recent expedition through ill-defined areas of progress rules, I have a number of closely related questions about how the rules work as written,

Consider a PC starting as a first stage plagued Werewolf. A werewolf character is a humanoid with two dice Wolf and LA +2.

  • Does he have to have a regular level (fighter 1 or whatever)?
  • Can this level be a hit for Humanoid?
    • If so, how high is its ECL?
    • If so, what happens if he gets enough XP to add a level? (Generally, humanoids lose the cube with a single hit and replace it with an actual grade level as they advance.)
  • Whatever the above works, what happens when it is killed and raised (ie Does it lose a level, an HD or a Constitution 2?). What happens if it happens again?

The specific problem this has been a mystery I worked on for a few weeks: Can you get a RAW legal character with only Primal Primal levels? (Note that this is not appropriate for most games, this is more an attempt to solve a chess grotesque.)

dnd 3.5e – How can I achieve the most damage and mobility in this fixed group of classes?

My character is an Air Genasi (+2 dex, -2 cha).

classes: Fighter 2 / Shadowcaster 1 / Scout 1 / Ardent 1

He has the following Statistics:
STR 10
DEX 20
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 11

Feats: Point Blank Shot (PHB), Ready Deformity, Ready Deformity (Teeth), Weapon Finesse

He nibbled on his hand, so he is completely one-handed and now uses rapier and 1W4 bite attack of willing deformity.

As a shadow thrower (from Tome of magic) he has the following spells:

  • Arrow of Dusk (2d4 non-lethal ray)
  • Shadow Throw (+1 to the AC Distraction Bonus)
  • Steel shade (+6 to AC)

Class was taken especially for taste in the case of the extraplanar heritage of the character.

So passionate (from Complete Psionic) he has the following options:
Coats: freedom, pain and suffering;
and the Power Dimension Hop, which allows you to move 10 feet as a quick action. +5 ft. For investing in Power Points

As Boy Scout (by Complete the adventurer), he has Skirmish ability (+ 1W6 for the damage of all attacks during the turn in which the character has moved at least 10 feet … + 2W6 in level 5, etc., scalable damage).

Basic style is:

  1. Dimension hops to the enemy, and it triggers skirmishes (you have to trigger Move, Dimension Hop Description says you immediately Move, do not teleport, transmit or others)
  2. Full attack with rapier and bite (1d6 + 1d6, 1d4 + 1d6) with +7 (rap) / + 2 (bite) attack modifiers.

+5 Skill bonus and steel shadows help me keep the AC up.
Also, my character is good at intimidation, stealth move and hiding.
Maybe I can reach hustle (from the Freedom coat) and flicker (from the Shadowcaster class) to stay mobile.

I also think about the feat & Arcane Strike & # 39; but I'm not sure.

What can I do to improve? basic style?

Maybe there is another combo that is more devastating?
In which class of the Ardent / Scout / Shadowcaster triad is it better to progress first and second?

Books by D & D 3.5:

  • Player's Handbook (PHB)
  • Tome of magic (TOM)
  • Complete the adventurer (CA)
  • Complete Psionic (CP)
  • Extended Psionic (EP)