office 365 – PowerApps – The SharePoint Person / People field can not be set to Current User

I can assign a person field to the current user in a PowerApp. I've followed the tutorial below, but the dropdown control is not set to the current user. This approach seems to be the general consensus on how to achieve this. I have to miss one step.

PowerApps Set SharePoint Person field to Current User

OnVisible property of my screen:

//Here I am setting the person field record to a variable 'myself' with current user values
Collect(Collection1, {Pressed: Button1.Pressed});UpdateContext({ myself: { 
 '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedUser",
  Claims:"i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(User().Email),   
manager: Office365Users.ManagerV2(Office365Users.MyProfile().Id).mail,
varAlwaysTrueForTest: true})

Default property of the drop-down control for person fields:

//This should show the current user in the dropdown control after my screen becomes visible
If(varAlwaysTrueForTest, myself, Parent.Default)

Update the property of the Person field DataCard:

//DataCardValue6 is my person dropdown control
If(varAlwaysTrueForTest, myself, DataCardValue6.Selected)

Result – should be filled out with the current user

empty person field

Office 365 – Integrate the O365 Calendar into the Google Calendar

I'm trying to integrate an O365 calendar into the Google Calendar. The purpose if you use the ical from the Google Calendar in a third-party app where I can only read Google Calendar.
However, my app displays only the original Google Calendar, without displaying events from the built-in O365 calendar.
What do I need to do to see the built-in O365 calendar as part of the Google Calendar?

Office 365 – How does the main menu of a modern SharePoint site become a dynamic sitemap?

I'm creating a modern SharePoint site as a documentation site for our end users. We want to create a basic hierarchy of folders and pages, and possibly pages with child pages.

    📄Creating a Lead
    📄Creating a Proposal
        📄Adjusting Prices
    📄Resetting Your Password

These are not just Word documents or other files in a directory, but modern SharePoint pages. My questions about building and maintaining this hierarchy are:

  1. How do I create nested pages, regardless of whether they are subordinate to a folder / section or another page? We do not want a flat list of pages.
  2. How do I display this hierarchy in the form of a sitemap in the main menu navigation? dynamic without having to manually create this hierarchy and edit it each time a new page is created?

office 365 – Please explain the SharePoint Online License

I am a SharePoint administrator and in our company. We will be migrating from SP2016 to SPO. We recently bought O365 and SharePoint Online Plan 2. We have bought some E3 and F1 licenses. Can anyone tell what roles E3 and F1 users are playing in SharePoint Online Plan 2? Can you (F1 users) be SharePoint administrators / senders? I assume that there are no restrictions for E3 users.

Does a user (E3 or F1) first need to be added to the O365 to gain access to the SharePoint site, except that he is already a visitor or contributor to an SP site?

Thanks for your response in advance. I think I can sleep again. 🙂

Hosted Exchange Migration to Office 365

I've got a new mission from our company, and it's about email migration from the hosted Exchange to Office 365

I prefer the cutover migration method -41a8-9bb3-6e8df0cd81b4 # ID0EAABAAA = Run_a_cutover_migration

However, this migration guide requires access to the Exchange Admin Center to create the migration endpoint!

The hoster does not allow access to your central office, but I can access the hosted e-mail service management portal. This management portal offers limited services unrelated to migration.

Is there someone who has the similar situation and successfully migrated the mail with Cutover?

I'm happy about every answer and suggestion.

Friendly greetings

App Windows – CyberLink Director Suite 365 v8.0 Multilanguage | NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | Incl. Content Packages | File size: 6.56 GB

Video, photo and audio editing software for creatives. The Director Suite 365, the complete suite for professional editing, offers powerful features that improve year round. With precise, powerful video, photo, color and audio editing tools, you can effortlessly control your production workflow for fast professional results.
In case you do not want to get any further

PowerDirector 18

Professional video editing.

PhotoDirector 11
Turn your photos into art.

ColorDirector 8
Precise color correction. Professional results.

AudioDirector 10
Precise audio editing for videos.

The complete editing studio
The Director Suite 365, the complete suite for professional editing, offers powerful features that improve year round. With precise, powerful video, photo, color and audio editing tools, you can effortlessly control your production workflow for fast professional results.

Plug-ins and effects
Never be inspired by creative ideas or realize your artistic vision when you have unrestricted access to an ever-growing collection of high quality plug-ins and effects. Choose from a huge and growing collection of animated titles, effects and PiP objects to streamline your projects.

form Designer
Apply fully customizable vector shapes to your videos and edit them with customizable text and keyframe controls. Perfect for creators and video tutorials.

Professional format and camera support
Import and edit video captured with professional cameras and in HEVC 10bit HDR10 & HLG, ProRes 10bit 4: 2: 2, XAVC 8bit 4: 2: 0 and MXF AVC 8bit 4: 2: 0 video compatibility.

4K video processing Preview
Preview your projects in 4K quality and see what your video will look like before you produce it.

Audio scrubbing
Listen to audio as you drag the playhead through a project to quickly find the scene you want.

1: 1 square video editing and production
Create, edit and produce 1: 1 square videos so you can quickly produce content that's perfect for social media.

Motion graphic title
Combine animated movement title elements with your videos to make your projects stylish and modern.

Nested projects as customizable PiP objects
Apply the previous project files to your new ones. Embed keyframe controls in scenes to scale, tilt, rotate, and even set opacity.

Reversible timeline track order
Change the order of timeline tracks between top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top alignment to suit your workflow.

CPU and GPU performance enhancements
Supports transcoding non-frame video clips into a single timeline track. Enjoy better performance on 8+ core processors with improved multithreading.

Improved Paint Designer
Move, resize, and rotate painted objects in your video frame for complete control.

JPG / PNG image sequence
Save your image sequences in commonly supported JPG or PNG formats.

Improved Title Designer
Crop imported images in Title Designer for even more creative options.

Improved tools for cropping, zooming and panning
Enhanced cropping, zooming, and panning tools give you more control over your video production process.

Extra large thumbnail option
Find content in your library faster with extra large thumbnails.

Undock Media Library & Timeline
Control the look of the PowerDirector user interface for enhanced video editing.

volume display
Take a closer look at the volume in your final video.

AI-Powered Deblur
Blurred images are a thing of the past with intelligent blurring. Perfect for fixing photos of excited children, pets or moving vehicles.

Extended color replacement
Change the color of specific objects in an image completely to get a completely new look. Select multiple areas at once to achieve a consistent fit.

Customizable Bevel, Emboss and Warped text layers
Create and design layered images with customizable 3D and distorted text layers.

Quick access to guided editing tools in layer editing
Use guided editing tools like Deblur, Content Aware Removal, Blur Tools and more without having to leave the Layer Editing module.

Clip art packs
Give your pictures the perfect finish with professionally designed frames and stickers in different styles

Express Mode
Photo editing made easy. Express mode makes it easy to create artistic shots like Select, Preview, Apply and Save!

Color replacement with keyframe control
Reorder the colors of different objects in your video to give them a completely different feeling with precise keyframe control.

Color matching
Standardize the color with different clips in one click for a smoother look.

3-way split-tone
By applying split-tone effects to video clips, you can adjust highlights, midtones, and shadows for a distinctive look.

Export LUTs to more formats
Import and export look-up tables (LUTs) for professional control of color correction. You can now export in the formats .3dl / .mga / .m3d!

copy settings
Quickly and easily transfer your video settings with the new copy-and-paste feature.

Advanced customizable hotkeys
Search, modify and save hotkeys for smooth video editing.

Remove AI wind
Outdoor shots will never be the same again! With just one click, you can use the power of AI to remove gusts of wind from audio clips and to make dialogues and ambient sounds clearer

Punch & Roll recording
Quickly record long voiceovers or podcasts and seamlessly correct your dialogue tracks.

Restoration Tools – Dialog Contouring
Change the intonation of the dialogue to restore or improve vocal performance.

Visual spatial audio editing
Edit audio tracks for 360 ° video in a visual preview window to precisely adjust the audio direction and height

MP3-ID tag
Edit title pictures, album titles, titles and more directly in AudioDirector.

System requirements:
– Microsoft Windows 10, 8 / 8.1, 7 (64-bit OS only)
– Intel Core ™ i-Series or AMD Phenom® II and above
– Standard video: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher
– 360 Video: DirectX 11 compatible
– AI Plugin: 2 GB VGA VRAM or higher.
– 4 GB of RAM required (8 GB or more is recommended for AI transmission)
– 10 GB of hard disk space
– A burning drive is required to burn discs
– Windows compatible sound card is required
– 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or higher

Language support:
– English
– French
– Germans
– Italian
– Spanish (European)
– Simplified Chinese
– Chinese tradition
– Japanese
– Korean


Downloading UploadGig

Download RapidgatorDownload of Nitroflare

In case you do not want to get any further – How do I send emails from outlook 365 to Gmail if they both share the same domain name?

My school board uses
We also use Google Classroom among teachers.
So we have an email (eg that we review in Outlook 365. We use the same email to connect to Google Classroom.

Emails sent to appear in the inbox, but never in Gmail, even though it's the same email.
a) I can send emails from Gmail and Outlook to myself and others.
b) I can only receive emails via

Problem to be solved:
I want to manage my emails in Gmail instead of Outlook so that:
a) Everything integrates better with Google Classroom and other Google apps.
b) I can use filters and commands that I know in Gmail to better manage my emails.

Because this is the same email, I can not simply switch to Gmail and ask them to retrieve emails from the same account. Likewise, I can not transfer e-mails from to itself.

What could I do or recommend my school board?