Sharepoint Online Error "404 File Not Found" from the 365 Office Homepage

I think the default team site was accidentally deleted from SharePoint Online. Now the message "404 file not found" appears when I click on the SharePoint link on the Office 365 home page.

The bad URL is https: // / _layouts / 15 / sharepoint.aspx

I do not see the deleted page on the SharePoint Administration Website-> Sites-> Deleted Sites, so I can not restore it from there.

I am very new to SharePoint, every help is appreciated.

MS teams / Office 365 group owners have full access to the underlying Sharepoint site

Using the Office 365 Admin Center and the Office 365 Admin username, I created a new MS team like this and named it "TestTeam123":

Enter image description here

Now a new team site for Office 365 Group + Sharepoint has been created. I also realized the following:

  1. Adding a member to the MS teams or the Office 365 group automatically grants the member user edit rights on the Sharepoint site. Now this behavior is understandable, as we can see on the SharePoint site that by default, a member of an Office 365 group is added to sharepoint member group >> (which has the same name as the Sharepoint member group):

Enter image description here

Most importantly, members of the Office 365 group will no longer have access to the Sharepoint site if I remove the aforementioned member of the Office 365 group from the Sharepoint member group (this was done for testing purposes only) in fact not the case).

  1. What I did not understand, however, is that when we add an owner to the MS Team / Office 365 group, it has full control of the Sharepoint site. So, I thought that, like the members of the Office 365 group owner, the Sharepoint owner would be added to the group. This is not the case. On the other hand, I reviewed the administration scope of the SharePoint site collection and found that this group is added by default:
    Enter image description here

Now, based on the above case, I have the following 3 questions: –

  1. Is this the SharePoint owner group for the "TestTeam123 owners" group added in the Site Collector Administrators section above? Or are they the owners of the Office 365 group?

  2. Why did Microsoft add the member of the Office 365 group to the Sharepoint member group while the owner of the Office 365 group was not added to the SharePoint owner group?

  3. For testing purposes, I remove the "TestTeam123 Owner" group from the "Site Collection Administrators" section. However, the users of the Office 365 group still have full control over the Sharepoint site. So what happens behind the scenes? I did the removal about 20 hours ago, so I do not think it's a synchronization or timing issue.

Are there any differences in creating teams when I add the user from a Sharepoint site or an Office 365 group, or from MS Teams?

In our Office 365 tenant, I've created the following new MS teams:
Enter image description here

which also created new Office 365 Group + Sharepoint modern team website.
To add members or owners to the MS teams I found these 5 possibilities:

  1. With the MS Team Desktop App I can add members and owners.
  2. I sign in to the Office 365 Admin Center >> Office 365 groups >> I can add members and owners.
  3. Log in to the Sharepoint site >> Click "Site Permission" >> "Invite people" >> "Add members to the group" >> I can add members and owners.
  4. In the Office 365 Admin Center >> MS Teams >>, I can add members and owners.
  5. If I went to the Office 365 Admin Center >> Active Users >> Click a user >> Edit the user >> Edit "Group Memberships" >> I can add the user to the Office 365 group.

All the above steps add the user either as an owner or as a member to Office 365, and give the user access to teams and the Sharepoint site. But my question, if adding users with the above 5 approaches is exactly the same? or some approaches will not be the same as others?

Office 365 Developers – SharePoint Online – Add a website footer

As stated here: Change the look and feel of your SharePoint site. You can add a website footer to your SharePoint Online site.

The problem is: I can not find the Footer section in the Modify Appearance option. I've tried both team sites and communication sites and I own the sites.

Do I miss something?

Many Thanks

Office 365 – SharePoint Rest API does not bring any items from the list

I tried using the rest API to get list items in Office 365. The list contains a total of 3 elements.

When I visit the URL below:

http: // sitename / _api / web / lists / getbytitle (& # 39; listname & # 39;) /

List information is displayed, but the number of elements is 0. These 3 elements have now been in the list for more than a week. The rest API works fine for other list items on the same site.

spfx – Creating a Sharepoint Online App Catalog Does Not Work (Office 365 Developer Subscription)

I have the license "Office 365 E3 Developer" which includes the license "SharePoint Online for Developer".

When I go to App Cataloging in Sharepoint Admin in the Office 365 SharePoin Admin Center (the classic version as the new version does not have an app section), I go to the App Catalog, create a new one, fill in everything, and fix the clock , I'll be redirected back to the Sharepoint admin app area, but no site collection will be created.

I tried it several times with Edge and Chrome.

Are there any changes I've missed so I may not need an app catalog for SPFX development anymore? If so, can you please post a link describing the changes, if not, how can the app catalog be created best?

Office 365 – Can you embed and link files that reside on Sharepoint?

I have a Visio diagram that I want to link to a PowerPoint presentation. Both files are located on the same Sharepoint site. I tried to add the SharePoint document library to my local computer as a mapped drive using the method described in this article. However, an error message appears stating that the folder is invalid. I am not sure if this is due to a security restriction.

In any case, some features are missing in the web application version of PowerPoint (there is no Insert> Object option that I can find). I wanted to link the files so that updating the Visio diagram also updates the associated presentation. Is this possible in Sharepoint / Office 365 or does it only work with local files?