Multiple Azure AD domains and Office 365

I have two Active Directory Domains ( and in separate cities that are not in the same forest. and are syncing to separate Azure subscriptions with Azure AD Connect. I use the domain for user authentication in this Azure subscription and for website addresses.

I have a single Exchange server in that accepts email messages for as an alias for users. ( has a secondary email address from There are also some email-only (non-AD) domains that are used as aliases. This works well and has been for many years.

Now I want to migrate my Exchange server to Office 365 E3. I signed in to the Office365 portal and added my account to my account without any problem using the TXT record. I also just added the email domains. I have not changed the MX records yet.

When I add the domain, I receive the message "We have confirmed that you own, but we are unable to add it to this client at this time." The domain has already been added to another Office 365 tenant: UserC2onmicrosoft .com. "

All I need is the ability to forward emails from to Office365. I'm not really interested in the AD users in Office365. I've seen this article, but I'm not sure he'll do what I want. Since both domains in Azure are running a client production workload, I need to understand the implications of every change I make before I start reconfiguring things.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

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Replication – Why do I see these mongodb 3.6.5 server log messages in bulk?

Could someone please shed some light on these mongodb 3.6.5 server log messages on the primary node of a 3-member replica set? rs.status () says that all nodes are up but seeing a lot of (I) information logs.

2019-01-16T00: 07: 24.819 + 0000 I ACCESS [conn95] Not authorized: not
authorizes the admin to execute the command {replSetGetStatus: "1", $ db:
"admin", $ clusterTime …

office 365 – unsubscribe from O365 after "stay signed in"

Maybe not really a SharePoint question, but maybe someone asked this question …
Logged in from O365 to O365 with MS-account (X-Forms authentication) with the "Let me logged out" flag from the native C ++ application (Internet Explorer WinInet).
Now every request to the SharePoint is executed without request for authentication. Nothing helped:

  1. Sending GET to
  2. Sending GET to
  3. Delete WinInet cookies with InternetSetOptionW (nullptr,
  4. Search for saved credentials in Credential Manager

Does anyone know which request to unsubscribe is sent?

Exchange Server – Office 365 Inbox Rule for Other Mail

We have just moved to Office 365.

For an Office 365 account, I can have a "primary email address" and some "other email addresses."
We used these "other" email addresses for promotions, system emails, etc., and automatically sorted them into different subfolders.

With Office 365, I can not now find an Inbox rule that applies to a particular BCC email address. There are "Sent to" and similar things, but I can only select one account, but no individual e-mail address. And if I choose this account, it tells me it's ambiguous.

Any ideas?

To update: The account thing found out. I can create a contact with this email address and then select it. It works. But only for CC and not for BCC.

Microsoft Office 365 – Querying AutoMapping for 0365 Mailbox Using PowerShell

I can enable and disable AutoMapping for a user / mailbox, but how can I query it with Powershell?
I searched for the properties in Get-MailboxPermission, Get-Mailbox or Get-AzureADUser but could not find it. Also no luck with Google.

It seems to be found in the property msExchDelegateListLink from Get-ADUser,
But I think Get-ADUser is outdated or not for Azure / O365, so I do not want to create scripts that use this cmdlet.

How do you choose which document libraries to display in Word 365 when saving to Sharepoint Online?

I use Sharepoint Online and Office 365, and I want to be able to select which document libraries to display in desktop applications (such as Word or Excel) when saving files. I'm pretty sure that's possible because, for example, site assets and Style Library document libraries exist in my site's site content.
Enter the image description here
These document libraries do not appear when you save a document in Word.
Enter the image description here
In this example, I want to be able to hide the Test Wiki Page Library and the document libraries associated with Shortpoint (which are already hidden in the browser so they are not already displayed in the site content). Is that possible?

office 365 – Localization of Sharepoint server

Office 365 is now supported by the multi-geo location. Yes, it has the data center in Canada. You can check it here.

Here are all available datacenters listed: Australia, Asia Pacific, ** Canada **, European Union, France, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom and United States.

Note: Multi-Geo customers currently have at least 5,000 Office 365 service subscriptions available. Contact your Microsoft representative for more information.

Office 365 – Outlook calendar on SharePoint 365 for all users

Maybe this was answered in another post, and if so, I apologize for taking your time, and you can simply redirect me to the thread under which it was resolved (if possible, thank you).

This is my scenario:

User A has an Outlook Calendar that is used to create meetings, events, and more for other users. Essentially, this user manages the schedule for other users by using this calendar in Outlook.

EC: Meetings for users A, B, C, and D take place in this calendar

My question:

I want to sync user A's calendar in Outlook with a SharePoint calendar and have it displayed to all users in SharePoint.

Can this be done?

What did I try?

  1. I have created a demo user account to simulate user A.
  2. I've created multiple dummy meeting requests for myself and two others using User A's Outlook Calendar.
  3. I used the sync option from the SharePoint end to connect to the calendar in Outlook.

  4. Here is my problem
    a) If I go to the calendar in SharePoint to see it. All I see are my events in the calendar and no others. I need the ability to see other people's events and meetings as well.

I think it's a permissions problem somewhere because the calendar (in SharePoint) only shows up for some reason when users have logged events, meetings, etc. that I do not need.

My requirement:
I need a global view of all events, regardless of who is logged on to the SharePoint calendar that is connected to User A's Outlook.

Many Thanks.