The SharePoint Search Index journal file occupies 400 GB of storage space

We have SharePoint 2013 on site with two search servers and there are 20 million search elements.
Server 1 with primary index component runs perfectly and server 2 with index
Replica component has been degraded.
When the search status is checked, "Index is not syncing and catching up" is displayed, but it will run for more than 36 hours.

After checking the journal file, it occupies 400 GB of storage space. It is continuously consuming more data and occupies the entire storage space.

What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

Document Library – 400 Incorrect request when updating a list item in SharePoint Online using HttpClient

I wrote a REST API to update a document's metadata in SharePoint. The document is in a folder in a library. I tried the following code:

var stringData = ("{# __ metadata:: {type type #: & SP.Data.IncidentItem #}, Name NameOfUploader #: & # 39; 39; "+ NameOfUploader +" & # 39;} ");

client.BaseAddress = new Uri (newurl);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Clear ();
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("Accept", "application / json; odata = verbose");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("IF-MATCH", "*");
//client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("X-HTTP-Method "," PATCH ");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("ContentLength", stringData.Length.ToString ());
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue ("Bearer", accessToken);

string FolderUrl = string.Format ("_api / web / GetFileByServerRelativeUrl (& # 39; {0} & # 39;) / ListItemAllFields", folderServerRelativeUrl + "/" + fileName);
StringContent strContent = new StringContent (stringData);
strContent.Headers.ContentType = MediaTypeHeaderValue.Parse ("application / json; odata = verbose");
strContent.Headers.ContentType.Parameters.Add (new nameValueHeaderValue ("odata", "verbose"));
HttpResponseMessage response = client.PatchAsync ("_api / web / GetFileByServerRelativeUrl (& # 39;" + FolderUrl + "& # 39; / ListItemAllFields", strContent) .Result;

response.EnsureSuccessStatusCode ();

I get 400 Bad Request "HttpResponseMessageProperty responseI have specified all headers, but still could not figure it out, I tried this in POSTMAN with all headers and this metadata, everything works fine.
Can someone please say what I miss?

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magento2 – Magento 2 payment method faulty request 400

When I try to pay with the Mastercard credit card module, an error message appears bad request 400
When I go to my var / log / exception.log file, the following error message appears:

main.CRITICAL: The HOME or COMPOSER_HOME environment variable must be set for Composer to run properly in /var/www/html/emall/vendor/composer/composer/src/Composer/Factory.php:641) "}. []

I have tried many commands from the internet, but I do not know if the problem lies with the Composer or the module itself.
This is the module I am using:

Hope someone can help.
Thanks and regards!

DCNHost – 200 GB and 400 GB Master Reseller Packages, starting at 19 USD per year!

DCNHost contacted us with an offer they make to drive everyone into the summer. They offer offers for reseller hosting. If you decide to buy, we look forward to your feedback in the comment section!

The following offers are part of a special sale and are not listed elsewhere on their website. You must use the custom order links below to order. They accept credit / debit cards, Alipay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can find your terms and conditions / legal documents here.

They had to say the following:

"When it comes to hosting, DCNHost is undoubtedly the perfect solution for you. We are proud to offer our beloved customers what we promise. 24/7 customer service with top-notch hosting engineers available anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to focus more on customer challenges, to provide them with the best hosting solutions and services, and to continue to create maximum value for our customers. Our hosting platform is built on the latest technologies and industry-leading infrastructure providers to provide a smooth hosting experience. So you can calm down at night knowing that your applications are online. "

Here are the offers:


  • 200 GB of memory
  • 3,000 GB bandwidth
  • Common IP address
  • Create unlimited Shared & Reseller accounts
  • Unlimited functions (eg e-mail, FTP etc.)
  • cPanel / WHM Control Panel
  • WHMReseller panel
  • CloudLinux-optimized servers
  • Install one-click scripts
  • Free migrations
  • 19 USD / year
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  • 400 GB of memory
  • 6,000 GB bandwidth
  • Common IP address
  • Create unlimited Shared & Reseller accounts
  • Unlimited functions (eg e-mail, FTP etc.)
  • cPanel / WHM Control Panel
  • WHMReseller panel
  • CloudLinux-optimized servers
  • Install one-click scripts
  • Free migrations
  • 28 USD / year
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Buffalo, New York, United States (BUF1 facility)

Test IPv4:

Test file:

Network Operators: TeliaSonera, XO Communications, Hibernia Networks, Zayo

Host node specifications:

Reseller hosting server:

– Intel Xeon E3-1240v3

– 32 GB of DDR3 RAM

– 4 x 2TB enterprise hard drives

– Hardware RAID10 with LSI 9361-4i with CacheVault

– Redundant power supplies

– 1 Gbps uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and have fun!

: 3y

BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN area
Posted by: Jamesreimb
Post Time: June 20, 2019 at 16:11.

V Systems Airdrop (400 VSYS worth 50 USD) | Proxies-free

V SYSTEMS is a native blockchain database and distributed app platform designed to launch a brand new era of the digital economy. This project is led by chief architect Sunny King, the blockchain developer and creator of Proof of Stake (PoS). He initiated the first PoS project with Peercoin and is also the creator of Primecoin.

  1. Visit the registration page of
  2. Create an account and check your emails.
  3. Next, visit the Sugar Bowl Page.
  4. Connect your account by login.
  5. This gives you 400 VSYS ($ 50) tokens,
  6. Complete the telegram task on the page to get additional tokens.
  7. Invite friends and earn an additional 300 VSYS ($ 37).

How far does ISO push with Tmax 400 film?

What is the best setting if I want to move the ISO on my FM2 card?

There is no best attitude worldwide … there is only the best setting for the scene. If you get the desired shutter speed and shutter speed at ISO400, there are only a few reasons to move the movie1, If you need either faster shutter speeds or a more open aperture, but you can not because of your ISO, then You should start pushing.

Sliding the film has consequences, namely increased contrast and grain and reduced shadow details. The Kodak Fact Sheet for TMax 400 states:

Because of its leeway, you can underexpose this movie by one level (at EI 800) and still achieve high quality with most developers during normal development. Graining does not change with the final print, but there is a slight loss of shadow detail and a reduction in print contrast by about half the paper grade.

If you need a very high speed, you can expose the T-MAX 400 film at EI 1600 and extend the development time. With the longer development time, the contrast and graininess increase, resulting in additional loss of shadow detail. However, negatives continue to produce good prints. You can even expose this movie on EI 3200 with a longer development time. An under-exposure with three stops and the use of three-stop push processing further increases contrast and graininess as well as additional loss of shadow detail. For some applications, however, the results are acceptable.

This resource also contains the following information:

Push processing allows the film to be exposed at higher speeds. However, push processing does not achieve optimal quality. There is some loss of shadow detail, an increase in graininess, and an increase in contrast. The extent of these effects varies from slight to very significant depending on underexposure and push processing. The results are usually awarded a 2-stop pressure and acceptable with a 3-stop pressure depending on the lighting and the scene contrast.

And further down in the regulatory small print (fat loss):

Exposure and processing of high-contrast scenes, such as B. starring performers, as indicated in the table. However, if details in the dark areas are important to the scene, increase the exposure by 2 levels and process the movie normally,

Think about it for a second – If shadow details are important, increase the exposure by 2 levels! This is the exact opposite of film shots.

To sum up, there is no best shot, only the ones you need for your shot. However, each of these options brings with it a compromise – and whether or not that compromise is worth it is entirely up to you. (As an example, I pushed Delta3200 once to 12800 for a high school football game, and the results were more like a bad halftone blown up than a photo.)

1: A contrast enhancement is not necessarily a bad thing. I live in PacNW these days where cloudy is the joie de vivre – so I'm not worried about a little extra contrast. You can also simply push film because they like "the look"