macos – 4k display recognized as 8k

Now I have a new HP Z27 display, but when I connected it via MacPro to MacPro (2013), it was recognized as 8k and worked perfectly with that resolution (but all are too small :)). How can it be and how can I fix it? Yes, I have already changed the resolution to 4k, but the ad was still recognized as 122.5 inches …
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P.S. Try another MacPro with the same configuration display that works normally like 4k.

P.P.S. Excuse my English 🙁

Video Streaming – Why Can not I Stream the 4K Resolution of YouTube with a Stable 200 Mbps Internet Connection?

After the change of ISPs, the 4K resolution of YouTube (and higher) has been steadily buffering, even though Google's recommended Internet speed (20 Mbps) has been exceeded for 10x video streaming. I now have a 200Mbps plan, in the past I've seen 4K on YouTube with a 100Mbps connection. The same PC setup except the router. I have benchmarking and can download about 25 megabytes per second (200/8 = 25, see data rate units).

In "Statistics for Nerds" (right mouse click on Video) "Network activity" seems to decrease to about 200 KB and "buffer state" to fall to ~ 0 s.

Here are debug information that will be copied when playback pauses, if relevant:

"ns": "yt",
"el": "detail page",
"cpn": "zaFsVKxW_95dB5HQ",
"docid": "Zz82SNc__uI",
"ver": 2,
"Referrer": "",
"cmt": "4,275",
"plid": "AAV8f2L9O27dAg6V",
"ei": "Ro8LXNOUNsXHyAWl-ISYDg",
"fmt": "315",
"fs": "0",
"rt": "8.787",
"of": "ob1H7IDz41rRCQ3bd7XoBA",
"euri": "",
"Lactose": 3,
"cl": "224297709"
"mos": 1,
"state": "9",
"vm": "CAEQARgE",
"Volume": 100,
"c": "WEB",
"cver": "2.20181206"
"cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",
"cbr": "Firefox",
"cbrver": "63,0"
"cos": "Windows",
"cosver": "10,0"
"hl": "en_US",
"cr": "FI",
"len": "381,521"
23410476,23721898,23733014,23735284,23744176,23744361,23744531,23749369,23750564,23751767,23752869,23753586,23755886,23755898,2377555,2376055,237607,237607,237607,237607,23775367,23775367,23775367,23775187,237753624372 23774008 , 23774809,23776058,23777492,23778371,23780455,23780592,23781054,23781384,23782931,9407155,9413141,9441347,9449243,9471235,9471647,9485000
"afmt": "251",
"vct": "4,275",
"vd": "381,521"
"vpl": "0.000-4.275",
"vbu": "0,000-8,008",
"vpa": "0",
"vsk": "0",
"ven": "0",
"vpr": "1",
"vrs": "2",
"vns": "2",
"vec": "null",
"vvol": "1",
"creationTime": 11022,
"totalVideoFrames": 256,
"DropVideoFrames": 0,
"damagedVideoFrames": 0,
"lct": "4,275",
"lsk": wrong,
"lmf": true,
"lbw": "3642584.438",
"lhd": "0,162"
"lst": "0.000",
"laa": itag = 251, type = 3, seg = 0, range = 66462-131997, time = 4.3-8.5, off = 65536, length = 65536,
"lva": "itag = 315, type = 3, seg = 1, range = 15244413-21960083, time = 5.1-7.2, off = 0, len = 6715671",
"lar": "itag = 251, type = 3, seg = 0, range = 66462-131997, time = 4.3-8.5, off = 65536, length = 65536",
"lvr": itag = 315, type = 3, seg = 1, range = 21960084-28675754, time = 7.2-9.2, off = 6715671, len = 6715671 ",
"lvh": "r5 --- sn-5go7yn7s",
"lab": "0.000-8.481",
"lvb": "0.000-8.008",
"ismb": 6850000
"relative_loudness": "NaN",
"optimal_format": "2160p60",
"user_qual": "hd2160",
"debug_videoId": "Zz82SNc__uI",
"0sz": wrong,
"op": "" ",
"yof": wrong,
"dis": "" ",
"gpu": "ANGLE_ (NVIDIA_GeForce_GTX_780_Ti_Direct3D11_vs_5_0_ps_5_0)",
"cgr": true,
"debug_playbackQuality": "hd2160",
"debug_date": "Sat Dec 08 2018 11:30:57 GMT + 0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)"

Can I upload a 16 GB 4K video via the Google google photo app with free storage and original quality?

I want to buy a second-hand Google Pixel (1st Generation) to capture photos and videos taken by another device.
Because the help of pixel phone says that it is stored for free in the original quality
All photos and videos uploaded by the Pixel phone are stored in their original quality for free, regardless of whether they were taken by the camera, captured in a screenshot, or downloaded from another app. The memory used by these photos and videos will remain free even if you no longer use the Pixel phone.
But it did not explain the details of format and Limitation of the file size,
There are many video formats like mp4 m4v mov mkv etc.
Also many image formats like jpeg png jp2 webp nef (nikon's raw image)

I only have a Google Account with 15GB of free space.
Can I upload a 16 GB 4K video (MKV format or container) to the Google Photos app "google photo" with free and original quality?
Can I upload images in Heif and Nef format?

PS: Unlimited online quality memory in original quality. This is not the regular free service. Is exclusive to pixel users. And the service of Pixel 2 Pixel 3 is limited in time.

Upload a 15 GB 4K video in MKV format via Google Pixel. Does it work and maintain the original quality?

I want to buy a used Google Pixel to backup photos and videos.
Upload a 15 GB 4K video in MKV format via Google Pixel. Does it work and maintain the original quality?
Another way to tell is whether Google will restrict file size and format?
But I like more specific.

External GPU enable a late 2014er Mac mini-run 4k at 60 Hz?

Theoretically yes – with an eGPU you can operate a 4k display with 60 Hz. It depends on the respective eGPU (ie which graphics card is actually plugged into the breakout box).

The CPU in your Mac Mini is not the limiting factor for running 4k at 60 Hz. However, some of the games / applications you want to run may not perform at their best on this Mac Mini. You have to test yourself and judge yourself.

I say "theoretically" because Apple has made it so that the support of eGPU on the latest macOS requires Thunderbolt 3. Your Mac Mini from the end of 2014 has only Thunderbolt 2, so it's not officially supported.

There are some community scripts to allow eGPU on Thunderbolt 2, but obviously the performance will not be the same. for sale with SubReddit Community, IG & more [ 4k Unique Visitors Yesteday]

Why are you selling this site?
I sell because I need money to power my other projects. This seems most likely to sell to support me.

How is it monetized?
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Is this site coming with social media accounts?
I have subreddit that goes with it. It has about 1,500 active participants who can fuel the traffic / revenue. The subreddit is 6 months old.

How long does the execution of this site take?
n / A

What are the challenges of running this site?
Develop content. Create bios and publish photos / videos. I would suggest running a Youtube channel with it.

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