ANNOUNCEMENT – Help Proxies-free Recover 5000 USDT ( | Proxies-free

Hi BMFers,

Just don’t ask… I’m stoopid… It happens to everyone. ?

Long story short I managed to lose the Blockchain wallet secret phrase and on the blockchain wallet, there was about $5000 worth of USDT at that time. (funds put aside for company bad days).

I waited for a reply from support and they did answer on Twitter and unfortunately, they cannot help me because they don’t have “forgot blockchain password” feature.

The last chance to recover the funds would be with the help of team that can recover significant funds of USDT as you can see here. And read somewhere the amount must be greater than $1000 and it is. These funds would be enough to cover company basic expenses for 2-3 months.

Please comment/Tweet/ReTweet this post

Hope to catch attention from Tether team and help us out, the original USDT sender also said he will help me out verify ownership of the address.

BMF Team core – how can I resolve HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error iis windows server 2019?

Some of my websites return an error C when I restart the server website works fine but after some time(1 day, 2 days, or week) it returns this error again. please help me resolve this error because I don’t want to restart the server every time.
I am using IIS and Windows server 2019 and plesk panel.

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amazon rds – How to reduce size of my RDS mySql database of 5000 GB to 2000 GB, with all the triggers and functions intact?

I have a RDS MySql database of provisioned storage 5000 GiB. Out of 5000 GiB I am using only 1400 GiB and want to reduce size of provisioned storgae to 2000 GiB. All the tables are innoDb.

I want to keep my triggers, indexes, keys and functions intact.

What will be the simplest and most fail proof approach to achieve this ?

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