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Dear BMFers,

Thank you so much for all the support on the previous contest, thank you for joining the Livestream yesterday and thank you, top 25 winners, who video call via skype for full transparency.

Today we are happy to announce the second referral contest on Proxies-free

Total winnings: $1,500 USD
Total winners: 20
Timeframe: 60 days
Start Day: 02.06.2020

The member with the most referrals wins the biggest prize worth $600 USD = 600.000 BMF Points.
Prizes will be awarded automatically on 02.08.2020 to the first 20 positions.
Check “Tools” and start promoting your referral link to win at least one of the prizes!

Check Top Referrers:

Contest end date: 02.08.2020


  • (1) 600000 BMF Tokens = $600 USD
  • (2) 300000 BMF Tokens = $300 USD
  • (3) 200000 BMF Tokens = $200 USD
  • (4) 100000 BMF Tokens = $100 USD
  • (5) 50000 BMF Tokens = $50 USD
  • (6) 25000 BMF Tokens = $25 USD
  • (7) 25000 BMF Tokens = $25 USD
  • (8) 25000 BMF Tokens = $25 USD
  • (9) 25000 BMF Tokens = $25 USD
  • (10) 25000 BMF Tokens = $25 USD
  • (11) 15000 BMF Tokens = $15 USD
  • (12) 15000 BMF Tokens = $15 USD
  • (13) 15000 BMF Tokens = $15 USD
  • (14) 15000 BMF Tokens = $15 USD
  • (15) 15000 BMF Tokens = $15 USD
  • (16) 10000 BMF Tokens = $10 USD
  • (17) 10000 BMF Tokens = $10 USD
  • (18) 10000 BMF Tokens = $10 USD
  • (19) 10000 BMF Tokens = $10 USD
  • (20) 10000 BMF Tokens = $10 USD

– you can promote on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, forums, ptc, gpt, paid to sign up, and any type of real traffic is accepted
– do not use VPN/PROXY to create fake inactive accounts, don’t waste your time, people will have full control over search over anyone referrals list, and if found cheating you get banned before the contest ends.
– we started a login bonus and count only those accounts who log in the forum a certain number of days out of 60 days of course and obviously a regular user will do such task
– rules on how referrals are counted as subject to change during the contest to ensure only legit referrals are counted and their referrers enjoy the top prize

Good luck BMFers!


Using Cygwin in Windows 10, chmod 600 does not work as expected?

ssh says:

Load key "C:\Users\me/.ssh/id_rsa": bad permissions
debug1: Trying private key: C:\Users\me/.ssh/id_dsa

So I try to fix the permissions using chmod 600 as is very standard on Linux systems:

me@DESKTOP-B7QCL2A /cygdrive/c/Users/me/.ssh
$ chmod 600 C:\Users\me/.ssh/id_rsa

But it does not work. ssh still reports bad permissions. Indeed, it seems that the chmod 600 command did nothing:

me@DESKTOP-B7QCL2A /cygdrive/c/Users/me/.ssh
$ ls -l C:\Users\me/.ssh/id_rsa
-rw-r--r-- 1 me me 887 May 31 18:58 'C:Usersme/.ssh/id_rsa'

I mean sometimes it works, if the file is in the home directory. I don’t know why .ssh isn’t in my home directory, it’s odd, but let’s not change the ssh configuration because I haven’t touched it, just trying to add a private key file. Let’s figure out how to fix permissions.

I tried all kinds of hacks suggested here, the setfacl, and the chgrp, none of it works.

HP Omen 600 mouse and Ubuntu 04/20

I am thinking of buying, HP Omen 600 Kabelmaus for Ubuntu 20.04. I've seen reports of mixed compatibility. I have no problems programming buttons on the mouse, but if I just plug it into the USB port, should it work well for the standard functions?
I wonder if someone else has tried a wired HP gaming mouse in modern Ubuntu distributions and if they have been successful. Thanks a lot

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Tele – Super Tele: 400 mm vs 600 mm

I'm about to get the Nikkor 400mm F / 2.8 VR (not the FL). This is a lens I've always wanted.

I have already planned some tours through Northern Europe and hope to gain some experience with wildlife photography. I plan to use the 400mm f / 2.8 for my D500 (a camera with APS-C sensor size), and maybe I'll get the 1.4x teleconverter. I thought this should be a decent setup for some wildlife shots.

A few weeks ago, I adapted the 70-200 mm to my MFT video camera. At 200mm it gave me a good idea of ​​what 400mm would look like because the MFT has a crop factor of 2.

What I noticed is that 400mm zooms a lot, but not like crazy. A few days ago I was in the store and asked if the 400mm f / 2.8 might not have enough range. They told me that most wildlife photographers who use large prime numbers rely on the 600mm 1: 4.

Now please don't tell me not to get 400mm or 600mm. This is not about whether you are not making the right decision. It's just about comparing them. I know the advantages of a smaller and lighter zoom, which is also much more versatile. Let's just talk about the 400 mm versus the 600 mm.

The main advantage of the 400mm would be that it is smaller (and also a little lighter). The 400mm would definitely be packable. I also heard that the 400 mm is optically the best compared to the 600 mm and the 500 mm.

The advantage of the 600mm would of course be its range. But maybe I even have to adjust a teleconverter with 600 mm. I think you can't have enough range for wildlife photography (mostly). I think distance could be the key.

Now you may need to know what I'm going to do with it. I mainly want to photograph birds, owls, squirrels, wolves, elk, deer, reindeer etc. Mainly animals from Northern Europe. I am not going to visit Africa to take pictures of elephants, lions or go to the Arctic to take pictures of polar bears. I would like to record videos a third of the time because I also do a lot of documentaries. For videos I use my MFT camera (I have to adjust the lenses. The adapter has an aperture ring but no electronic contacts – so the FL is not an option because I could not control its aperture on my MFT). The MFT has a crop factor of 2. I think the 600mm could be a bit over the top for the MFT.

What are your suggestions? I think I'm going to choose 400mm because it's just smaller, it has a larger aperture and it's the lens I always wanted to own. The only reason I would choose the 600mm would be that the 400mm is just not long enough and I ended up using a 1.7x or even 2.0x teleconverter the whole time.

8 – How can I schedule content every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.?

Look for something that was easy in Drupal 7 but can't find it or can't get it going in Drupal 8.

  1. Import feed
  2. Don't publish content immediately
  3. Follow a rule that content is published every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Any suggestions on how to do this in Drupal 8?

I tried:

And only Scheduler got closer (as I used it in Drupal 7).

Where does it fail?
When creating the rule (after saving new content …):

  • It doesn't allow me to use "Wednesday 6:00 p.m." I have to
    Use a "Unix timestamp", which means I have to change it every week
  • and even if I use a "Unix timestamp", the "Schedule Options" tab is preserved
    blank (if I insert a date when manually creating the content

After testing the business rules module for two days, I begin to suspect that the problem is Drupal itself: it just doesn't rule out anything except Unix timestamps.

I tried to create a field with PHP code to & # 39; Wednesday 6:00 p.m. & # 39; tried to calculate with Strotime … all without success. I have some hope that this might still work, but my coding skills are too limited.

So … any other options? (I am not a developer and cannot create custom modules.)