canon – Do 7D owners have these problems?

I am on my second 7D Body this week and both have the same repeatable problems. I have no idea why, so hopefully other 7D owners could step in to say if they've experienced the same things.
All pictures are taken in RAW and processed via DPP:
The first issue concerns a general softness of the image as if a soft soft highpass filter were added. This is done with two different lenses at 100 ISO, a variety of apertures, in all conditions on a tripod. I just can not get a sharp picture. Micro adjustments were made to compensate for each lens. Both lenses have been working flawlessly on a Rebel XT package for several years. Only when used on the 7D do both produce such effects.
-I get the most extreme chromatic aberration I've ever experienced. I'm used to creating a bit of fringing with strong reflected light, but this makes most of my work useless. Trying to sharpen the images leads to a terrible cross stitch pattern. I tried different combinations of amount and radius, but the pattern appears before a meaningful sharpening of the actual subject occurs.

This is extremely irritating and confusing with a new camera, and hopefully others have insights. Before anyone (without exception) accuses me of being a freshman, I may not know everything about digital cameras, but I've been a professional photo artist for 20 years and have a good digital imaging experience for large format prints. I also live under the illusion that a new camera like this one should work just fine 😉
Thank you for any help people can offer to end or share this suffering.

I have a Canon 7D, a Yongnuo YN685 with trigger and an AmazonBasics flash. I have to fire both from afar

So I have to fire both the Canon and the Amazon Flash at the same time. I know that Amazon has a built-in optical receiver. However, this will not help because the flash is in a softbox, blocking optical communication. I have the trigger for the YN685 (with built-in receiver) I would put on top of the camera.

Both the Yongnuo and the Amazon Flash have PC slots. Therefore, I do not know if I can connect a PC cable from one flash to the other and trigger the Yngnuo with the trigger.

Alternatively, I wondered if I could use the trigger on top of the camera for the Yongnuo Flash and use a PC cable from the Amazon flash to the PC slot of the camera (which is located on one of the sides of the camera).

Many Thanks!