galaxy a80 touch not responding firmware problem

I have been facing a problem on my Samsung galaxy a80, during which the screen stops responding temporarily while playing pubg mobile ,I’ve searched online and what I found that a temporary solution _according to my experience, is inserting the code *#2663# on keypad and chosing the option: TSP FW UPDATE but it only works for some time and the problem appears again, please help me if you know a permanent solution.

How to disable wallpaper blur effect on Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0

so, I went to change my homescreen wallpaper on my samsung galaxy tab a8.0(sm-t290) and every wallpaper comes out as blurry.

in the gallery they work all well and fine, but as a wallpaper? nope.

lock screen looks good.

but the homescreen? well, the astronomy wallpapers I like..look like something my cat yarked up.

how do I fix this?