dnd 5e – Could a 6th tier Aasimar Celestial Patron Warlock add the double charisma mod to the Eldritch Blast?

My reading of all three abilities concludes that an Eldritch blast attack would inflict additional damage equal to your level + of your Charisma mod and the remainder to your Charisma Mod only. Reasons below:

First, Aasimar damage.

Protector: "Beyond once in each of your movesyou can cause additional radiation damage a target if you inflict damage by an attack or spell, The additional radiation damage is equal to your level. "

Falling: "While it's once in each of your movesyou can do extra necrotic damage a target if you inflict damage by an attack or spell, The additional necrotic damage is equal to your level. "

Second, Heavenly Warlock. The Level 6 Feature Radiant Soul is:

"and when you Cast a spell that inflicts Ray or Fire damageYou can add your Charisma Modifier to a blast or fire damage cast by this spell against one of its targets. "

Eldritch Explosion does not inflict any radiation damage, but it does damage, so Aasimar's additional radiation damage would not trigger this feature.

The extra damage caused by & # 39; agonizing explosion & # 39; but would work well.

dnd 5e – Are there any alignment restrictions for the subraces of the playable Aasimar race?

This question, in addition to one of my players who recently wanted to play a Lawful Neutral Falling Aasimar (but in the end did something else), made me think about something …

Playful Aasimar (from Volos guide to monstersPp. 104-105) have three subraces; Protector, scourge and favor. There is a flavor text that states that fallen Aasimar tend to be evil, but it is not clear if they are Got to be angry and vice versa the other two Got to Be good, and that is a fallen Aasimar can not be good, etc. and where does a neutral Aasimar fit?

Something I notice is the flavor text for Fallen Aasimar (all emphasis of mine):

An Aasimar, who was touched as a teenager by dark forces or who turns to evil In early adulthood one can become one of the fallen – a group of Aasimar whose inner light has been replaced by shadows.

Fallen Aasimar; Volos guide to monsters, p. 105

The "or" implies that evil is not the only way to be a fallen Aasimar. Theoretically, this means that an Aasimar who happened to be touched by dark forces but who fights against their influences could be an example of a good fallen Aasimar. So is that sufficient proof that fallen Aasimar can be good?

Another thing that pops me out is this sidebar (all the emphasis of mine):

With the consent of your DM you can change the subrace of your character aasimar, when your Protector / Scourge turns to aasimar evil, To do this, substitute your subrace benefits, including increasing ability stats, by a fallen Aasimar.

Likewise, if yours fallen aasimar will be fineMaybe your DM will allow you become a protector or an Aasimar scourge,

Fall by grace or get up; Volos guide to monsters, p. 105

This seems to imply that the intention of a fallen Aasimar is actually that they are by nature evil or at least inherently not good, so much so that you have good "powers" (I say "powers" in quotation marks because this is expressly referred to as DM approval) But I'm trying to interpret the taste implied by this information, rather than giving people a table in real life to no longer be a fallen Aasimar. Fall Aasimar can not be good and should be angry.

After what we know about Aasimar:

  • Does the fallen Aasimar have to be angry? Or can they be neutral? Or even good?
  • Do the two other subraces have to be good? Or can they be neutral? Or evil evil?

Again, I am after what the intention is based on what the rules say, ideally supported by any other official information about Aasimar out there; I'm not interested in a DM can Allow these things, since the answer is always yes, but what the intention is derived from what information we have (because I do not want this is also a question for designer reasons).

In other words, this is a "how does that work?" you Read these rules "ask, do not ask for opinions (designer or otherwise) or ask for something that can be answered with" ask your DM / you are the DM, do what you want ".

(As you can see, I try to avoid something that will be shut off as off-topic or something like that, and suggestions on how it works better for RPG.SE are welcome if my previous efforts are not enough, because it's all about it To draw conclusions from the rules I'm following …)

Dungeons and Dragons – If 2 Aasimar children have children together, what kind of children will be born?

If two Aasimar ever had children together, this child would be:

  • a full sky?
  • a half heaven?
  • A normal human with heavenly bloodline?

If half or full, would they both receive bloodline benefits or is the relationship to the Heavenly Ancestless?

Since there are no tables for Skysblood that I know, my question generally covers all lore. I know that Aasimar in version 3.5 can be a descendant of a sky with human parents. For the children of Aasimar, however, nothing is said.

dnd 5e – What happens if my aasimar warlock has cross class and racial traits?

For your specific example, just get the light Cantrip, there is no interaction due to the overlap. You would not get any additional cantrip of your choice or any other effect.

For other feature interactions, it depends on whether the feature in question actually tells you something about how it interacts with other features. For example, Gloom Stalker Ranger (found in Xanathar's guide to everything) have a feature called Umbral sightthat granted Dark vision Feature, but also has an additional effect:

On the third level you get a dark view up to a range of 60 feet. If you already have a dark vision of your race, the range increases by 30 feet.

This is a notable exception to the rule above: for this feature already Dark vision means this feature improves it rather than simply overlapping it.

Conversely, however, the Shadowcaster (also found in Xanathar's guide to everything) says this only about the granting of Dark Vision:

From the 1st level you have Darkvision with a range of 120 feet.

Darkvision is not mentioned from any other source, so you can only increase Darkvision to 120 feet for you, regardless of whether your race (or a spell effect) grants Darkvision.

Note, however, that in general, the strongest / longest feature generally fails. So if your race would spend just 60 & # 39; from Darkvision, this would increase the range to 120 & # 39; increase, so that it is not completely unnecessary.

It can also be expected that certain functions will overlap even if they do the same. Consider Relentless endurancea Half-Orc breed trait and Immortal sentinel, an old paladin feature:

Relentless endurance. If you are reduced to 0 hitpoints, but not killed instantly, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. You can not use this function until you have taken a long break.

Immortal sentinel

From the 15th level, if you are reduced to 0 hitpoints and are not directly killed, you can instead drop to 1 hit point. Once you have used this ability, you will not be able to use it until you have taken a long break.

These two functions can be used separately. This means that a character with these two traits can hit a hit point twice per long break.

This also applies to race / class features that allow one break per break: If both a race and a class feature allow you to cast a spell once per break, you would gain two uses per rest time.

Your problem is that as Cantrip, light is an arbitrary spell, which means that it has no advantage in gaining the ability to cast it from another source. The one notable exception is when combined with the effect of some kind of effect light The spell depends on your spell modifier and, to my knowledge, there are no such effects. When such an effect occursand you should win those light Instead, be a cleric or sorcerer and then specify which role you're using (the race role as Aasimar or the Cantrip you learned as part of your class features).

As far as your resistance to radiating damage is concerned, the PHB is pretty clear that resistance is not stacked from multiple sources:

Damage resistance and vulnerability

Some creatures and items are extremely difficult or unusually easy to damage for certain types of damage.

If a creature or object has resistance to a type of damage, the damage of that type is halved. When a creature or object is vulnerable to a type of damage, the damage of that type is doubled.


Multiple instances of resistance or vulnerability that affect the same type of damage count as one instance only. For example, if a creature has resistance to Fire damage and resistance to all non-magical damage, the damage of a non-magical fire against the creature is reduced by half, not three quarters.

In short, you have the choice of being an Aasimar Celestial Warlock maximum thematically appropriate and suitable for the character from an RP perspective.

However, there are not many tactical synergies.

dnd 5e – Can Aasimar come from other stocks than man?

Inspired by this question: Can Tieflings come from other stocks than humans?
Separated from this question: Can Genasi come from a different stock than humans?

Roughly speaking, ties are half human, half devil. However, as the answer to the other question (the question of Tieflings) shows, there are nonhuman half-devils / demons like the Fey & # 39; ri, who are half elves and half-demons.

Aasimar is half human, half angel (again roughly speaking, it is more like a larger human being and a small fractional angel, as I understand it). Taken by Volos guide for monsterspg. 104, here are some quotes that explain why I think they are like this:

They are descended from people with a touch of the power of Mount Celestiathe divine realm of many legitimate good deities. Aasimar was born to serve as the defender of the gods, and their birth was celebrated as blessed events. You are a people of otherworldly faces with luminous properties that's what theirs reveal heavenly heritage,


Conflicting souls

Despite his Heavenly originAasimar is mortal and has a free will.

From this I conclude that they are part of the angel, even if it is not necessarily due to genetics (that's not what this question is about). This question is about the human part and whether it must always be the case.

Are there any nonhuman half angelic races, such as a half elven half angelic race?

I do not care so much for a particular attitude, but when it comes to hiring, we go to the Forgotten Realms (or at least not to Eberron / Ravnica).

dnd 5e – Can Aasimar / Genasi come from other stocks than man?

Inspired by this question: Can Tieflings come from other stocks than humans?

Roughly speaking, ties are half human, half devil. However, as the answer to the other question shows, there are nonhuman half-devils / demons, such as the Fey & ri, who are half-elves and half-demons.

Aasimar are half human, half angel and genasi half human, half spirit. Are there any non-human half-angels or half-genius races?like a half-elf, half-angelic race or half-dwarf half-genius race?

Again, these descriptions of Aasimar and Genasi are crude approximations, but they make my point clear, I hope. I'm not that interesting in a certain environment, but when it comes to hiring, we go to the Forgotten Realms (or at least not to Eberron / Ravnica).

NB: I'm asking for Aasimar and Genasi, I can split that question into two questions if people think that's the best.