dnd 5e – Why does the Fey teleportation call a spell casting ability to the spellcastle fog?

From the description of the performance:

You learn the saying with the foggy step and can work it once without effect
a magic slot […] Intelligence is your spell ability
for this spell.

As far as I can tell, the ability to cast is relevant only when an attack roll is involved, a saving throw is made, or the ability modifier increases the damage. In the case of Misty Step, none of the three points apply. There are similar cases with other magical racial fantasies ("Charisma is your spell ability for all three spells," with one of the spells "Recognize Magic").

So what is the meaning of spell designation?

Mobile App Development Tool – Kony

If you want to build your mobile app from scratch, there are a number of tools available as part of advanced mobile app technologies. The tools below are ideal for developing a complete app from scratch, and provide multi-platform capabilities to reach a broad audience. Echo Innovate IT has put together a list of mobile app development tools that help you create a bug-free app from scratch.


When Kony connects to a single IDE, a developer can create JavaScript apps that run on all platforms. However, this tool is a bit of pinching the bag, especially if you want to create more than one mobile app, want more than a hundred users, etc.

The Kony mobile app development tool can support a variety of things including API management, catboats, voice, customer reporting, augmented reality, reference apps and many more. While the tool itself can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer systems, the associated mobile apps are used for previewing and testing on the device on which it is to run.


Permalink Structure Custom Taxonomy Slug / cpt-Slug breaks the ability to have subpages and page breaks (Error 404)

I took over a WordPress project from another programmer who wrote code to create the custom-taxonomy-slug / cpt-slug permalink structure. The custom taxonomy is "city", the cpt is "restaurant", so every restaurant receives one city as a category, so the restaurant "Big Burgers" in Berlin would have the permalink "Berlin / Big Burger".
This works, but the problem is that its code results in 404 errors for normal subpages (page name / subpage name) and also for blog pagination (blog / page / 2).
Here is the main part in functions.php, which is responsible for this problem:

Function entry_rewrite_rules () {

$ custom_structure = & # 39; /% city% /% restaurant% & # 39 ;;

add_rewrite_tag ("% restaurant%", "([^/]+) & # 39 ;, restaurant = ");

add_permastruct (# restaurant; $ custom_structure, array (& # 39; walk_dirs & # 39; => false));


add_action ("init", "entry_rewrite_rules");

There is another part that manipulates only the permalink for the cpt restaurant, but not the part that leads to the 404 errors.

Function change_entry_permalink ($ url, $ post) {

if (get_post_type ($ post) === & # 39; restaurant & # 39;

$ terms = wp_get_object_terms ($ post-> ID, & # 39; city & # 39;);

if ($ terms) {

return str_replace (& # 39;% city% & # 39 ;, $ terms)[0]-> slug, $ url);



return $ url;


add_filter (& # 39; post_type_link & # 39 ;, change_entry_permalink & # 39 ;, 10, 2);

As far as I know, the problem is that the other programmer did not add a permalink base to his own link structure, e.g. "entries /% city% /% restaurant%" so that all page / subpage links are treated as restaurant links and lead to errors if they are not links to a restaurant entry.

The website has been online for many years and there are nearly 4000 restaurants. Therefore, it is probably not a good option to change the permalinks for the restaurants (and the addition of redirects). (4000 redirects can be bad for performance and SEO.)

So my questions are:

  1. How do I get the pagination for the blog in the normal way, eg. Blog / Page / 2? (Da / blog works, I know that I could program my own pagination logic with eg / blog? Page = 2, but I would rather not.

  2. Although I can generally live without subpages, it would still be nice if certain subpages could work, even if it means adding code for each permalink, such as a. my-page / my-important-subpage

I have thought about somehow changing the regex in this part to exclude blog / page / 2 or other specific permalinks:

add_rewrite_tag ("% restaurant%", "([^/]+) & # 39 ;, restaurant = ");

Unfortunately, everything I tried failed because I do not fully understand what's happening there, and I'm not good at making regex code.

My other idea was to change the priority argument for adding the rewrite rules, but not set to 1 or 99:

add_action ("init", "entry_rewrite_rules"), 1); // or 99 or 20 ...

As I said, making blog / page / 2 work is my priority. If you have other ideas to restore the "normal" ability to create subpages, it would be great too.

Suspend – Laptop lost the ability to sleep 18:04

I have a relatively fresh 18:04 installed on a Lenovo T580 laptop. For a long time sleep / standby and resume worked flawlessly.

Then I tried hibernating by replacing the 2 GB swap file with a 16 GB swap partition before I found out that hibernation was not possible in Ubuntu.

But after I created a 16GB swap partition with gparted and activated it in fstab, my laptop lost the ability to sleep at all.

If I press the sleep button now, the screen goes black immediately, but the fan does not turn off. After 30 seconds, the lock screen will be displayed. If you choose to sleep again, it will be done again. When you go to sleep for the third time, the laptop sometimes goes into sleep mode, sometimes not.

Should I use a 2 GB swap file instead of a 16 GB swap partition and hope that solves the problem? Or could not this be related?

Buttons – Visual communication of the ability to change columns in a table

It's hard to answer without knowing more about the platform you're working on, but I'll pass on what I've designed for the platform I'm working on in the hope that it can help. I've read a few suggestions for using an & # 39; Edit & #; pen, but it's difficult to hide so many features behind a symbol because it's hard to communicate with iconography.

In any case, the image below shows the icon options I designed for the feature you'll be asked about in the SaaS platform I work on. In my situation, after logging in, users will see a UI that includes a grid of their orders, a search window, and a window of predefined filters. I've added a new button for custom column layout management to the toolbar in this area. Clicking this button opens a dialog box where the user can drag-and-drop to configure their columns to add, remove, or rearrange the layout.

Enter the image description here

I've added a clear visual button to the toolbar that opens a dialog that configures the column layout.

cpu – ability of program languages ​​are the same?

Yes that's right.

The usual reason for the computational equivalence of the two programming languages ​​X and Y is that we can write an interpreter runx for X programs written in the Y language and vice versa.

Hence every program y Written in Y, can be simulated in language X with something runX ("y"), and vice versa. The computing power of both languages ​​is the same.

Sometimes we state this fact and say, "All programming languages ​​are Turing equivalent", d. H. That they can calculate everything a Turing machine can calculate (and nothing else). This informal statement is a form of the so-called Church Turing thesis.

Note that this does not mean that the two languages ​​have the same functions. For example, X could have OOP classes, while Y could be purely procedural, but they could still have the same power.

Finally, note that there are some computer languages ​​that are less powerful than general-purpose programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, and the like. These are not usually called programming languages, although they have some aspects in common. For example, the Bitcoin scripting language allows limited calculation but does not have loops (eg while), the algorithms that can be implemented are drastically reduced. The basic query part of SQL (choose) is a simple reporting language and is not powerful for Turing (unless you add triggers / stored procedures or other advanced features).

USA – Does the US government's attitude affect my ability or the speed at which I can get a passport?

See: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/passports/passport-services-during-lapse-of-ignriations.html

Passports are currently not affected by the closure of the government, In my opinion, the passport service is not dependent on federal funds.

I suspect that the rules here are the same as those for USCIS services – most of the budget for providing the passport service comes from the application fees and not from the federal government. Therefore, expiring funds do not affect passport processing, unless they need to interact with agencies that are currently closed or significantly impeded.

We continue to offer passport services
Funds for the federal government.

You can still apply for a US passport or passport
Passport agencies and centers and points of sale (eg
Post offices, libraries or offices of the Secretary of State)
the means. You can also renew your passport by mail. Our
Processing times remain the same: 4-6 weeks for routine service and
2-3 weeks for the expedited service.

If you have an appointment in a US State Department
Passport agency or center, please plan your appointment. If
You must cancel your appointment by visiting
Online Passport Appointment System or call 1-877-487-2778. If
You have an appointment in a passport office and
If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact the facility directly.

We will update this message as passport services change
during the decay of funds.

magento2.2.7 – stopping the ability to load the site as example.com and example.com/index.php

I just noticed that I can load pages inside and outside index.php in the URL.

So I can load these URLs:

  • example.com
  • beispiel.de/index.php (I do not want that)
  • example.com/product.html
  • example.com/index.php/product.html (I do not want that)

I use M2 + Apache and would like to know how to prevent this