dnd 5e – If I animate a corpse made real by the Illusory Reality ability, will it become an illusion after 1 minute?

To better explain my question, the process as such follows step by step (assuming the caster is able to cast and use all proposed abilities):

  • Wizard works main to create a corpse on the ground.
  • Spellcaster uses Illusory Reality as a bonus action to make the corpse real.
  • Wizard works Animate dead on the corpse.

Here is the suggested question. Illusory reality lasts only a minute. Does the creature remain undead, or does it become an illusion after a minute has passed and I have not left it as it was?

Please quote sources and keep your answer / interpretation RAW.

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dnd 5e – Why do some classes get extra class characteristics when they improve ability values ​​while others do not?

Some classes usually do not receive any class-specific benefits when they reach a level that improves their ability values. (Examples: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue.)

Others, in particular magic courses, become Obtain additional class functions (such as additional magic slots or chi) in addition to increasing the ability score. (Examples: Cleric, Monk, Wizard.)

Why do some classes get extra stuff to what the other classes get? Is that balanced in another way?

I thought it might have been counterbalanced by some classes that have bigger hit dice (so they get more hit points when they reach a level), but Cleric, Monk and Rogue all have a W8.

esta – Uncertain about the ability to provide a complete list of past emails + phone numbers. Is that a problem for a visit to the US?

The extended ESTA / DS-160 provisions for United Kingdom people visiting the United States under the Visa Waiver Tourism Program now require existing and past social media accounts as well as email addresses and phone numbers Years have been used in the last five years. Apparently these are now (or possibly) mandatory.

I'm a bit unsure if I can provide the last two pieces of information or at least the rules. The last thing I want to do is provide something that is considered untrue or inaccurate, but instructions are hard to find.

Phone numbers: I use my own cell phone, whose number I obviously know. I also use a landline when I am with my parents because I had to live there for a long time while repairing my house. Of course, if I were visiting, that would not be a problem.

  • Does the fact that this is a landline in which I live, even though I am not in my name or at home, mean that I am required to give it as "my" telephone number?
  • At the same time, my own landline can still exist, I do not know. I have not had a landline phone for years. Because of the repairs, I do not know if it's connected or not, and I'm not even sure if it's billed or not. I do not know what the number was or would be. But it certainly was activated in the years 2015-2016. Besides, I do not know, and I have no details from back then, since I've never used it beyond a few test calls. It was only provided for internet access, but this too was not used after 2015. What should I do or say?

Email address: I have had fairly stable email addresses for the last 5 years, so that's not a problem. However, I often used temporary online email addresses to sign me up for forums and websites that require registration or to avoid spam. I have not the slightest hope of remembering them all, since they were inherently used once or twice over a period of one hour to a day or so, and then their details are temporarily placed on a scraps of paper or paper unsaved text file which is subsequently deleted or discarded. What should I say or do?

In addition, I will probably run my own email server in the next few months. When the time comes, then technically any E-mails to / from MYDOMAIN.UK are mine, and I could use tens or hundreds of disposable and separate e-mail addresses for various services to further reduce spam or limit marketing crossover, or for job applications. (I will continue to use third-party online providers). And of course, I may receive spam emails that do not match an active email address that I have used once, or that are sent for spam purposes, by guessing account names. Essentially, my emails at this point contain "everything sent from these domains," but most are briefly used again.

As this is an important form of correctness, it is important that the responses have some form of support or backing to ensure that the advice or responses are actually based, where possible, on advice, practices, guidance or advice from the US Government (if available)) or past cases, if necessary, or something like that.

Ability to connect a metabase to a WordPress SQL database?

I host with WPEngine and have a lot of customer data that I want to interact with.

My question is – does anyone know if it is possible to connect Metabase to a SQL WPEngine hosted database?

I contacted support, but they did not seem to understand my question – they just contacted me here to get a confirmation, if anyone has any experience.

Many Thanks

dnd 5e – Can the Green Flame Blade be cast twice with the Hunter Ranger's Horde Breaker ability?

I am currently working on a multi-level Ranger / Wizard character and have chosen the archetype of the Hunter Ranger. The Horde Breaker option for the Hunter's Prey feature seems to allow me to use those green flame blade Spell twice in a round.

Horde Breaker is:

Once in each of your rounds, when you attack a weapon, you can use the same weapon to make another attack against another creature that is within 5 feet of the original target and within range of your weapon.

This ability does not mention that the Attack action is executed, only one attack is executed.

The green flame blade Cantrip (SCAG, p. 143) reads:

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against a creature within range of the spell. Otherwise the spell will fail. On a hit, the target suffers the normal effects of the attack, and green fire jumps from the target to another creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of the target. The second creature takes Fire damage equal to your Spell Cast ability modifier.

Green flame blade You must also make an attack roll.

Do I miss something or can I occupy it? green flame blade twice in a round with this ability?

Sharepoint Enterprise – How do you fix the browser's ability to scroll horizontally after inserting a web part list?

I have this Web Part list of named resources that have a fixed width of 500px and a vertical scroll bar of 5 columns.

it is in tabular form and

// I've tried editing the CSS by changing the size of the table and td, but the horizontal scrolling on the screen does not disappear

// I also tried adjusting the width to the zone and editing the CSS, but that does not work. The horizontal scroll is still present.

Q: Is there a way to fix the display of the web part list without affecting the browser?
Screenshot of the browser and web part list

dnd 5e – When an adult Gold Dragon transforms into an Archmage, what's his savings and ability bonuses?

An adult Gold Dragon has the shape change as one of his actions (focus on mine):

Change shape. The dragon magically transforms into a humanoid or animal whose challenge rating is no higher than its own […]

In a new form of the dragon keeps his […] Skills. […] and intelligence, wisdom and charisma scores as well as this action. Its statistics and functions are otherwise replaced by those of the new form, except for class features or legendary actions of this form.

With this action, the dragon can magically turn into an archmage. While the dragon is an archmage, what are his savings and skill bonuses? (To be clear, I'm not talking about his magic here except DC.1) Does the fact that the competence bonus differs in Archmage form affect these bonuses? Do changes in the strength, skill, and physique of the dragon affect it as an Archmage affair?

1 There would probably be no magic except DC, as non-innate spellcasting is a class feature.

How Does Feeblemind Affect Improving Ability Values?

Our bard had the feeblemind spell on him and failed his rescue. The fight ended and we won a level. Feeblemind notes that:

Failure to save will cause the creature's intelligence and charisma points to become 1.

Would an ASI be permanently wasted under Feeblemind's influence if taken into intelligence or charisma?

We use milestone leveling and it happens right away when the DM says we've reached the leveling.