❕NEWS – Abra crypto banking application has added more crypto on its trading platform | Proxies-free

As per Yahoo Finance, traders can now trade and exchange the following cryptos on Abra’s trading platform:
Chainlink, Compound, Algorand, Tezos, Steem, CELO, Hedera Hashgraph, WAXP, and BitShares for worldwide traders; and
VeChain, Ontology, Crypto.com Chain, Crypto.com, TNC Coin, ICON, Zilliqa, Loopring, and Bancor will not be available to trade for US residents but available for everyone else. This move comes after continuing positive sentiments in the crypto market showing that crypto is getting more mainstream than ever.

como criar um botao para que esse botao abra uma nova activity e deixe uma LinnearLayout VISIVEL? #kotlin

em uma determinada activity eu quero ter um determinado botao. a função desse botao será abrir uma nova activity e deixar VISIVEL uma LinnearLayout (que esta configurada como “GONE”). alguem sabe como faz? estou programando na linguagem KOTLIN

tentei fazer assim mas nao deu certo:

            val intent = Intent(this, EightyActivity::class.java)



Which derivation paths are used by the Abra purse?

Abra has said in a reddit comment that her non-custodial HD wallet uses custom derivation paths to convert the user's BIP39 Mnemonic Seed into cryptocurrency address / key pairs Has anyone figured out what those custom derivation paths are?

If Abra nodes are ever shut down, users of the Abra wallet need to know the derivation path[s] – Otherwise, their funds will be encased, even if these funds are not used as collateral in a contract.

In March 2018, the CEO of Abra said:There is no default structure for recovering p2sh-based wallets in different apps across the seedSo, I effectively ask if there has been progress since then.