Reduction to the proof of undecidability of the problem: Machine M and N accept an infinite number of words

I have to struggle with the following problem:
Decide if this problem is decidable or not: For two given Turing machines M and N, there are infinitely many words that are accepted by both machine M and machine N. In other words, it's language {encodedMachine (M) #encodedMachine (N) | The intersection of language M and language N is infinite} decidable?

Intuitively, this seems to be an indisputable problem, and stopping the reduction could be used to prove it, but I have no idea how to begin this reduction.

Try to accept pessimistic things – discussions and help

Traders must try to accept pessimistic things while they can come before them. And yes, traders need to accept constructive criticism if they are on the wrong track. Through webinars, a trader can communicate with experienced traders, where beginners can try to know many unknown things through direct communication with the traders. Side by side, a trader can practice with his demo trading account to learn the basics here.

Will the Trump 2020 campaign again accept aid from the Russian government, as the Trump 2016 campaign did to get Trump to vote?

"The investigation also revealed numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign."

"Although the investigation revealed that the Russian government believes that it would benefit from a Trump presidency, and worked to ensure that result, and that the campaign expected that they from the information stolen and released by Russian efforts would benefit in an elective manner, the investigation did not reveal that members of The Trump campaign has plotted or voted with the Russian government in its electoral intervention activities. "


Derby – How do I configure my database server to accept remote connections outside of ide?

I've created a Derby server application in Java that basically just launches a GUI that lets me start, stop, view properties, view runtime information, and so on. Use a NetworkServerControl.class.

I start the server application with Netbeans IDE and local and remote connections are accepted.

I've generated JAR files to run them outside of Netbeans, and they work "locally," but they do not accept remote connections.

I am using Windows 10 and can not find which properties or permissions I need to configure to accept remote connections. The same application on Netbeans does the work.

Any ideas?

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ajax – Adjust the GravityForm field to accept multiple entries

I need to customize an input field in GravityForm to match the highlighted part of the screenshot
GF Input Addition
The input box contains a drop-down list for adding adults, infants, and children and calculating the total and their entries in form submission.
Please, someone knows the best approach to deal with it.

the apk shows when installing and do not open the permissions to accept it

I am currently working on the development of an application for an Android contact
I finished the app
But I had a problem
I have all the permissions I need for my APK-like network, and contact permissions in
but when I install the apk on my cellphone, the apk just opens without me accepting the permissions that I have given
That means the phone was automatically rejected
what I do ??