SQL 2019 Server Not accepting new ports, only using 58865

I’ve been trying to set up a db for a user list on my server. I am trying to link it to a C# Visual Studio, and I want to use the external port 31135, and I’ve set all of the IP- settings in the Server Configuration Manager correctly, but still uses 58865.

If it helps any, the only other main process running on the server is WAMP but I disabled the MySQL in there to test it and even with it disabled it still wants to use 58865.

❕NEWS – Elon Musk hints Tesla would consider accepting Bitcoins | Proxies-free

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Dedibay.com|dedicated server with /24 ip total cost just 159 US Dollars accepting bitcoin and paypal payment. | Proxies-free

Hello ther.e,

Dedibay Inc. run private suite roome in Data center from US,Europe,Asia,which go first wtith security,Privacy,Stability.Today,we are going to share multiple ips servers.
Multiple ips server plan:

you are able to pick multiple ips in US,Asia,Europe,Africa

Plan A:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230
Ram: 16 GB
Hard Drive: 1TB Sata
IPv4: 4*/26(4c ip) or /24 ip
Bandwidth: 100M/10TB
Location:West coast,US
From $159.00/moth

Plan B:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230
Ram: 16 GB
Hard Drive: 1TB Sata
IPv4: 8*/27(8c ip)
Bandwidth: 100M/10TB
Location:West coast,US

Plan C
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1265
Ram: 16 GB
Hard Drive: 1TB Sata or 240 SSD
IPv4: 4*/26(4c ip)
Bandwidth: 1Gbs/20TB(dedicated port)
Location:West coast,US
From $205.00/mo

More importantly,Reaching out,you are able to customize what server you want.


finite automata – Proof that for every $k > 1$, there exists a language $A_k subseteq {0, 1}^*$ s.t. a DFA accepting $A_k$ has $k$ states but no less

I am trying to prove that for every $k > 1$, there exists a language $A_k subseteq {0, 1}^*$ such that a DFA accepting $A_k$ has $k$ states but no less.

I thought about proving this in two ways: constructively, or by contradiction.

By Contradiction: For some $k > 1$, suppose there is no language $A_k subseteq {0, 1}^*$ where a DFA accepting $A_k$ exists with exactly $k$ states but no less. Then any language $L subseteq {0, 1}^*$, that has an accepting DFA with $n$ states, also has an accepting DFA with $n – 1$ states. Extending this reasoning downward, this implies that every $L$ has an accepting DFA with $1$ state. This is a contradiction.

By construction: Let $A_k = {w in {0, 1}^* | w text{ has } 0^{k – 1} text{ as a substring}}$. But now I need to prove that $A_k$ cannot be accepted by a DFA with less than $k$ states. I am unsure of how to do this even though it feels true intuitively.

Is my proof by contradiction valid and is the proof by construction doable? Maybe both are wrong and I need to use some other perspective.

scanning – In 2021, which film scanners accepting different film formats are compatible with macOS Big Sur?

With Apple’s recent rollout of their new iMac line, I have been considering upgrading my 2011 computer to something more modern.

However, I know that my scanner, Epson V500, doesn’t work with macOS Big Sur as of May 2021 (I have tried on another computer running Big Sur) – and what good would a new computer be if I can’t scan pictures with it?

So upgrading computers would also mean having to purchase a new scanner.

I have been looking for articles comparing currently available scanners that would be able to scan the formats I shoot – 110, 16mm, 35mm half-frame, 35mm, 120, and 6×10, and have been struggling to find a review that wasn’t mostly oriented towards 35mm film scanning or very expensive professional gear.

What are good, consumer-level film scanners that are Big Sur compatible and can scan a variety of formats?

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❕NEWS – French insurance company AXA starts accepting Bitcoin in Switzerland | Proxies-free

With a decision taken by AXA, Swiss customers have the opportunity to pay their insurance premiums in Bitcoin. According to the official statement made by AXA Company, customers in this country will be able to pay all their premiums in Bitcoin, except for life insurance.
What do you think of AXA Company’s initiative?