To create a semantic / accessible list using the Load More button

Here is a simple example of what I would like to do:


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


// Pseudo code

Logically, it's a bit simple and it would work well with the keyboard. I'm not sure how to make this feature more accessible to screen readers, so I'll be alerted when new items are added to the list.

Does anyone have an option / kickstart how to do that?

I did not find anything in my search. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong keyword.

Thanks a lot!

mobile – How is the snack bar accessible for material design when someone uses a screen reader?

Enter image description here
I have an accessibility issue regarding the snackbar pattern used in the Material Design. Snack Bars – Material Design

VerhaltenThe behavior of a snack bar should appear temporarily and then automatically dismiss itself.

For a user who has the screen reader enabled, it does not appear to be accessible because the reader may not be able to read this message.

What are your thoughts?

sharepoint online – SPO / Modern Pages – Saved designs for owners / editors not accessible / visible

How did anyone encounter the problem that stored designs of modern pages are not accessible / visible to the owner and editorial groups or even to other site collection administrators?

The documentation here says that:

"Save As Draft – When you save and close this page, it is checked in as a minor version and becomes a "shared" draft. This means that anyone with edit permissions (or site owners) can now see and edit it."

This does not seem to be the case …

Can someone bring light into the darkness?

magento 1.9 – `MySQL server is no longer accessible during long run of cron`

I have a number of warehouse importers, most of whom all have the same code, each with some improvement in how they retrieve their stock data from different suppliers.

These all run from cron, but I'm having trouble with one of them – it retrieves its data through the API, which is limited to 1 req / s. For this reason, retrieving the data takes about 15 minutes. An attempt is then made to retrieve the size of a previously retrieved product collection for logging purposes. At this point, the process crashes with one 2006 MySQL server has disappeared Error.

I've tried to increase various timeouts and change some MySQL settings without success, such as:

                                ini_set (& # 39; mysql.connect_timeout & # 39 ;, 14400);
ini_set (& # 39; default_socket_timeout & # 39 ;, 14400);
ini_set (& # 39; mysql.allow_persistent & # 39 ;, 1);

I've talked to the server hosting company that insists it's a code issue, but it still feels like a timeout.

Which settings should I check? It always crashes at the same time the data is completely fetched – if I change the script to be tested, eg. If you use dummy data instead of taking the time to retrieve data from the supplier, no SQL error occurs.

oneplus 3 – After the update of the Android system (Oxygen OS 9.0.3) Google is not accessible via hotspot

After the system update for Oxygen OS 9.0.3, my OnePlus 3 hotspot has a strange problem.

If you turn on the hotspot on my phone and browse it on the laptop,
The URL is not loading.

If I use a VPN in my laptop and use the same hotspot, everything is alright (so no problem with browsers / browser plugins).
If I access the phone directly on, that's no problem either (no ISP blocking).

The URL filter only works in my phone when I use a hotspot.

Could someone help me narrow down the problem?

Untitled – Website not accessible with

For some time running on my NAS, a WordPress website. The DNS settings are that A-Records reference www.example and for my IP address.

When I enter or or, I have external access to the website I use on my NAS. But when I enter, I get a 403 error message.

The hosting provider that runs my domain name says that I need to resolve this on my server. The DNS settings are fine, they say.

What is the reason for this problem and how can I solve it?

Topos about an Accessible and Cocomplete category

I was made aware of some facts that raise the following two conjectures for me:

  1. Many good properties of domains, dcpos, are categorically captured by accessible, complete categories.
  2. Since every domain has a topos of sheaves, there should be a topos for every accessible, complete category. This topos is a categorization of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtopos of sheaves over a domain.

Do they sound reasonable?

Accessibility – When programming software is made available to users of Office Suite software, does intelligent cells that merge into tables make information more accessible?

Data redundancy check

As we can see and it is definitely obvious that it eliminates the data redundancy in the table.
The user directly gets the commonality of entities. The user needs to read less and understand more than compare / read each entity and analyze that it is the same.

The Con:
The main problem with merged cell tables is the inability to apply mathematical functions to them.

Therefore, we should first identify the use case of the table and decide whether cells should be merged or not.

14.04 – Ubuntu Server is not accessible over the Internet

My Linaro Ubuntu server is not accessible over the Internet
I have a static IP from my ISP.

I want to diagnose what goes wrong.

The Ubuntu server is connected to my router (Asus RT-N12D1) as well as other Windows 10 Pro computers (it's my PC).

On the router I made the regular ISP setting and port forwarding for the HTTP protocol, as you can see in the following screenshot. Please note that the source destination IP (my external static IP) is hidden by *** characters for security reasons. There are indeed regular static IPs that I can see on different "what is my ip" services.
Enter image description here

At the moment I want to install the LAMP server, adapt and make accessible via the Internet. But unfortunately I have apache2, php, mysql installed and as far as I understand it works only apache2 and only if I call server with local home network over the local ip
SSH connection also over local IP works fine.

Make my website accessible to my FTP

What's the best way to make my / var / www / folder accessible to my FTP when I set up a web page? So I can edit and upload it?
In the future I will go to the virtual host, but that is a long way.
Should I only watch the whole www?
I just do not want to edit my web pages from the terminal!