Old page hardly accessible, but must remain alive, WWYD

Looking for advice on a customer's php5.2.9 site that cannot be updated because the code is a super-custom library with 50 GB of media files.

The site has no hits and a page that is advancing into place. Still, they want to keep these 50 GB media files with this PHP5.2.9 wrapper that only they can access that was created in 2011.

My VPS provider forces a downgrade from cpanel to directadmin in order to reduce costs so that these old PHP versions cannot be executed. The spot is dead in the water, by the way. My only option is to migrate to another VPS provider that offers alternative free panels to ensure compatibility with PHP 5.2.9. In summary, it can be said that this client only needs the hosting once a year to access the library of files that it has created with a PHP5.2.9 framework.

I wonder what you would do to keep things going smoothly. Thank you very much.

Ease of Use – What can we do to make UX Stack Exchange badges accessible?

I offered an answer for sighted people on or.meta.se on June 11, 2019. It would not be difficult to change it to work against color blindness. My question there has a link that points to my meta.se answer. There I declare that websites like Music.se and Graphic Design.se use badges of different shapes:

graphic design

In addition to different shapes, it is also possible to have different shades and colors on the same badge as was done on the ELL.se and Gaming.se websites:


These links include additional considerations about ID card design and Stack Exchange support staff. As 8bittree mentioned in a comment on this question, guidelines must be followed.

When we fix an element of the design, we shouldn't break anything else that requires further correction. When considering color blindness, we should also consider myopia. While the font size can be adjusted, elements with too much similarity will not be clear to everyone.

Since we like stars on this page, here is my suggestion:

Points for stars

Regardless of which design you choose, my answer is, in my opinion, of added value to the existing answers as it contains links to previous work and design considerations in the Stack Exchange network.

terminal – Mounted volume not accessible

I am trying to mount an external volume:

/bin/mkdir -p /Volumes/share
/sbin/mount -o nosuid,-d=777 -t smbfs //user:pwd@host.local/share /Volumes/share

The script runs as a daemon, not an error. The share is visible in the console (with root rights) and not all rights are activated for the mounted share:

drwxrwxrwx  1 root  wheel  16384  2 jan 21:19 share

However, I can't even list the content ls the mounted share, unless I use root privileges. Is that normal?

This issue only occurred after upgrading from High Sierra to Catalina, and I wonder if the latter is more restrictive and how it works.

linux – VM is no longer accessible after a short time, but is checked by the remote console

We have identified a situation in our production environment in which VMs can no longer be reached after a short wait (no network packets IN or OUT). But they actually run what I checked from the remote console through vcenter.

And after we ping or trace a route to other resources within the VMs, the network returns to normal.

Type of energy saving function on the network adapter as I understand it. However, we have confirmed that Power Management has set the "Put the guest operating system into standby and leave the virtual machine on" setting.

This was mentioned by vmware: https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsphere.vm_admin.doc_50%2FGUID-35CD5E60-6FFA-47CE-A5CF-78B6D6B42CB8.html

All other thoughts are more than welcome. Thanks a lot!

CSS – How to make videos fully accessible on mobile devices?

I have a problem that I cannot solve.
I'm trying to make a background video that responds. So it looks full on mobile and it's almost done, but there are two frames at the top and bottom and I can't find a solution. The video is loaded by Vimeo.

Could someone please help me? It is a problem with CSS

And this is the CSS code I'm using:

.fluid-width-video-wrapper {
Position: absolutely! important;
above: 0! important;
left: 0! important;
Width: 100%! important;
Height: 100%! important;
Z index: -1! important;
Pointer events: none! important;
Overflow: hidden! important;

.fluid-width-video-wrapper iframe {
width: 100 vw! important;
Height: 56.25 vw! important; / * With an aspect ratio of 16: 9, 9/16 * 100 = 56.25 /
min height: 100vh! important;
min-width: 177.77vh! important; /
With an aspect ratio of 16: 9, 16/9 * 100 = 177.77 * /
Overflow: hidden! important;
Position: absolutely! important;
above: 50%! important;
left: 50%! important;
transform: translate (-50%, -50%);

Please help! Many thanks !!

18.04 – Only 1 in 4 websites is accessible outside the network?

I hosted 4 websites on the same PC, this morning I found out only one of them that can be accessed from outside. I mean, I can see www.rollpitch.com internally, but I can not see it on my mobile network. Only one of them is accessible (it is one of two with SSL enabled, the other with SSL is also inaccessible).

I reset ufw, turned off the router's firewall, so far nothing worked. I can not imagine why only one would work and some would not.

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
443/tcp                    ALLOW       Anywhere                  
Apache Full                ALLOW       Anywhere                  
80                         ALLOW       Anywhere                  
OpenSSH                    ALLOW       Anywhere                  
443/tcp (v6)               ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
Apache Full (v6)           ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
80 (v6)                    ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
OpenSSH (v6)               ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)     

In the router, both 80 and 443 are translated into 80 and 443 (end). In addition, all sites are turned on apache2 (as I can see them on my local network). I do not know what further information I should give here. Thank you in advance.

Accessibility – Is the numeronym a11y accessible?

I joined a new company and learned that I got the job essentially because of my previous experience with the UK government, which made some of their forms more accessible. That was a few years ago. I was added to many chat groups and one of them was a11y. I had no idea what it meant. I assumed it was about accessibility as they exchanged articles on this topic. However, after some thought, I thought it was short / tech / dev speak for accessibility. But I was still not sure, because the next day I suddenly thought ALLY over coffee! So I had to google it and learned what a numeronym was.

TLDR: Is any numeronym accessible? I just giggled like a nerd in the office about it … I do not think it would be the WCAG AAA 3.1.3. Unusual words:

Certain disabilities make it difficult to understand the use of non-literal words and words or technical terms. Certain disabilities make it difficult to understand the imagery or the professional usage. The provision of such mechanisms is crucial for these audiences. Specialized information intended for non-specialized readers should meet this success criterion, even if they claim only single-A or double-A compliance.

I just thought that this was completely unnecessary … And funny … I would run this debate on Twitter, but I deleted my account.

Router – The web server is not accessible to devices outside the LAN

I have a docker container with tiangolo / uwsgi-nginx-flask: python3.7.

It worked perfectly with my parents. You have Verizon as an ISP and use a Verizon-provided modem / router. I forwarded port 80 to the device running the server, and devices outside and inside the LAN were able to request data from the server using the WAN IP address of the router.

Now I am back in my place with exactly the device on which the web server is running. I have Shentel as an ISP and a Motorola modem and a Belkin router. I forwarded port 80 as before and was able to retrieve data from my LAN via the WAN IP address of the router. However, when I try to request data from outside the network, a timeout occurs.

I called Shentel's technical support and they mostly did not know what to suggest that I need to buy a Belkin static IP address. Then I called Belkin Technical Support and they said even more unsuspiciously, "You can not make requests over a Belkin router from outside the LAN."

What gives? I suspect that this is a Shentel problem because not only does it make me expensive, but when I tried to set up a VNC some time ago, I encountered a similar problem and gave up. I read a post saying that Shentel did not need to be called to properly set up VNC.

sharepoint online – The Set-PnPGroupPermissions library is still accessible

I would like to break the inheritance of a library and then remove members and visitor groups. The following code works, except that the library is still accessible, but the content is not. The Quick Launch bar also displays the link to the library, but no documents are visible. When I use the UI to break inheritance and remove the named groups, the library is not visible. So I can not see why the code does not do the same thing. Any ideas please?

# Break permissions inheritance for the library
$list.BreakRoleInheritance($true, $true)
Write-Host -ForegroundColor GReen "Unique permissions set on library" $listTitle

# Remove Member and Visitor Groups
foreach ($y in $SiteGroups) {
#$MemberGroup = $title + " Members"
#$VisitorGroup = $Title + " Visitors"
    if ($y.loginname -like "*Members") {
        $SiteMembers = $y.loginname
        Set-PnPGroupPermissions -Identity $SiteMembers -List $listTitle -RemoveRole "Contribute" -ErrorAction silentlycontinue
        Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Member Group removed!"
    If ($y.loginname -like "*Visitors") {
        $SiteVisitors = $y.loginname
        Set-PnPGroupPermissions -Identity $SiteVisitors -List $listTitle -RemoveRole "Read" -erroraction silentlycontinue
        Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Visitor Group removed!"


film – How accessible is gas hypersensitivity today?

I think half of this question is relatively easy to answer (that's a quarter of an answer).

People who make very long film shoots need to over-sensitize their film to deal with the failure of reciprocity. These people were almost exclusively astronomers. None of these people will use films now, and certainly any observatory that has the financial resources to film hypersensitivity will spend its money on improving its digital sensors so that the processes and suppliers they use no longer produce oversensitive films / plates deliver or the equipment to make it.

Well, no, there will be no companies producing hypersensitized films or the equipment they are made with, as the market has completely disappeared. (This is the part of the answer I trust.)

If you now want hypersensitized film (presumably because you want to do retro astronomy, like the person you refer to), the cost is the cost of setting up your own system for hypersensitizing films. If you're lucky, you may be able to buy cheap observatory equipment that used to do this.

I do not know what it cost: I suppose it was never cheap.